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  1. Oh,yeah,I think it matches. If you're talking about the seam, my M3 doesn't have a perfect seam,either. Sorry about the images being so large,I tried to get them here quickly. 
  2. I have the PAWS Canine 2.0. It came with instructions of what values to set your shape to: Head size 13 Head Length 0 Eye Size 100 Eye Spacing 100 I think that's right..But the eyes won't fit any other way. I'm a little disappointed with the PAWS heads, because you can't resize your head to fit mesh hair on it.You have to wear unrigged hair and edit the hair's size and position to fit.
  3. I have the almost perfect recommendation for you! Dark Spot Designs makes great non-mesh furry avatars, which means they can fit regular avatar clothes. Unfortunately, the dragon avatars don't come in red/white,but there is red/black, plain red, or black/white, plus more. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Furry-Dragon-WhiteBlack/5317022 The details are very nice in both the skin and the accessories. I actually want this one myself, but for now, I'm sticking with my kemono. Please let me know if this is the right look for you! I can set other recommendations if you want more of a cute avatar, though it would be a little more costly.
  4. I tried to search for tutorials on making meshes for avatars in general, but I couldn't find many.The problem with the ones that I did find - with clothes - is that they used physics to help create the clothes rather than sculpting the clothes to drape around the body, or that - with hair - the results weren't very detailed or a full head of hair.Many 3D hair tutorials applied to things that weren't SL, such as the Sims or a game character. The reason why I'm asking about creating meshes around bodies is because I want to make long hair that will have to fit that body's form and move with it. Would clothes be a better start to 3D modeling, or should I stay away from avatar meshes in general? If I can get good practice making clothes, then I will have to find a way to build around a body,anyway. But SL's default avatar wouldn't work for me, since I'm using a mesh avatar that doesn't perfectly match SL's default avatar. I know that other users had created clothing for my avatar already, so it must be able to be done somehow. Does receiving a copy of the body depend on the merchant,or is it something you can get on your own if you already own the body?
  5. I would like to start creating mesh hair that will fit my mesh body. Since I can't seem to find a good tutorial,I'm here with several questions. What program do I use? Do I have to buy it? How do I build around my specific mesh body in the program(how do I get a copy of it)? How difficult should I expect learning to create mesh hair to be? What do I need to do to rig the mesh? I'm assuming that because I'm able to use a 3D animation program for my University classes(though I haven't really used it yet and still have no experience with 3D),my computer should be able to handle the program required to make SL mesh hair.
  6. Ahaha,that would be true! But I'm getting my work done. My work is more important than socialization, but I can do both together, and I'm not looking for replies very often. :matte-motes-wink-tongue: Thank you for the concern,though!
  7. It's time to stay up and get work for a class DONE.Who's with me! because procrastination isn't what put me here in the first place
  8. I'm new to the furry community. I've been trying to find places to socialize with other furries, for the sake of meeting others with that common interest, but any of the places I have gone to were rather empty. I know the SL furry community isn't deserted, so where are all of the lovely creatures? I've been to Le Fennec, The Furry Den, Fur & Friends Lounge, Fox Hollow, and some furry mainstores. *note: I don't mean to be offensive by assuming there's places for furries specifically, I'm just thinking that perhaps there's places that they like to hang out at - not particularly an area labeled as "furry". I'm also kindof ignorant, so I'm sorry if labeling anthro-animal avis as furries is offensive. I know there's reptiles, birds, amphibians, etc. whose hides aren't particularly fur. I just know them to be called "furries". :matte-motes-dont-cry:
  9. Hello! I know,I know - a lot of people in this forum are looking for friends. Exploring SL is exciting, but it gets a little boring if you're alone. IM me and I would be super happy to talk to you! I'm not hard to talk to; I'm interested in a lot of things: animals, shopping, horoscopes(I'm a taurus), art, FOOD. Take me around SL, show me your favorite places, swap gestures or just jokes. I am indeed a human, but I also have furry avis! So, if you are a furry, I would looove to see your avis~ :matte-motes-delicious: Here's some of mine: 
  10. I'm looking for creature friends,too! I had left SL for a couple of years, but now I'm back with a new furry look. I'm more of a mammal Kemono myself. I've been exploring and can show you some little places. :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
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