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  1. Iam french I "play" skill games for now 10 years on second life. Today this is like i dont have any access similar to a "freebie" account I asked to other french people and they can access I dont undertsna,d i didnt receive any mail, is that something linked to biling maintenance or..?
  2. hello i cannot access skill gaming region right now is that normal??
  3. i agreed without reading them i hope i wont find bad surprise inside them... is everything lloking normal or is there some fishy TOS sentence
  4. right ty, i gave infos they show that they got every info they need???! it took just like 1 minute? does that mean that next time i transfert to real life, i wont bneed to do anything else? everything is fine now????
  5. ok and will they ask me to pay stuff in the future, like forcing fees or ***** like that? wil i be allowed to delete all my data if i want to leave second life?
  6. hello, i am french and i had given all my informations long ago and also filed the US gov form called CERTIFICATE OF FOREIGN STATUS (W-8BEN (TAX) i think) Regarding the fact that actualy TILIA asking me to give AGAIN all my infos, i wanted to know if this was some kind of "bug" or weither that was Real? Will they ask me to fill again the W-8BEN? Iam currently uploading again the driver licence, but i see the " Required utility bill showing address within 90 days " what kind of stuff is that ? Will i be able to edit my infos anytime?
  7. Hello, i do have a question, will we have to send AGAIN all the informations about ourselves? I mean, all those cashout infos, LL already got those, does this concern EVERYONE? or just people that didnt send those informations on cashout yet? I would be very bothered to send again those infos to LL Thanks by adavance for answers
  8. warned you again and again those past monthes. This is just the simple and only consequence of an incompetent management. Also, LL does know that only those whales are remaining in SL, and those are pretty much addicted, and spend waste a lot of money, and they can milk them all they want, forever, until LL sells this broken company to chinese or whatever fishy US money consortium (they already did, btw) Hopefully, i found other ways to earn money, and i gave up on Sl long ago. In the end, except few skilled single- man buisnesses that were in SL since the begining +/-, only the LL puppets aka crypto-subcontractors remains. They want us to believe those buisness are normal but they arent, they are part +/- of LL since the begining. Biggest joke i ever seen.
  9. at least the gatcha customer knows that "nothing is planned" and plays at their own risks. Good luck have fun.
  10. Its not AN OPINION to highlight possibilities of scams that lead to a waste of RL money especially when randomly opening cases isnt monitored at all. (or using gatchas , in SL). a "gatcha policy" says the title is an attempt to ask LL to try to monitor those more efficiently. It just means monitoring a bit to avoid scams. Probbabnly most of the gatcha people are honnest but a little part might trick and scam, and that is the main issue, ofc without policy they can continue to abuse. Just in case you didnt notice there are profesional scammers around the net (youtube, video games..) and Sl has their own scammers, aswell, that are also ruining the community Laws change mainly due to abuses on massive scales. Especially on the internet where concepts are new and people naive. Read the article i shared concerning valve/steam and skin gambling .. Honnestly do you think that people that gambled their skins on such wesbites lost only something like10$?? I met someone that lost a total of 35000$ beeing addicted to CSGO gambling skin websites.. the amounts can be giant. Also what is a forum if we cant write our opinions??? Do you mean that you "dont give a darn" then we shouldnt write them? ...... not reading messages is still an option, you knw
  11. The law? Then change the last lines : by this: And yet the skill games finally ended by beeing regulated, after 11 years of SL existence. So we are allowed to create or own skill games in 2018 and this after buying a license to LL, yet all of this because we "gamble" with some virtual currency that has absolutly no value. What a mess! isnt it in total contradiction with your "arguments"? anyway gadget PORTAL explained everything A work?? then if we work and get paid in virtual currencies where is everything else that is normally linked to a real job work ? x))
  12. Indeed. Classic tactic that a creator uses an alt to resell his own ultrarares and make some extra profit. Another ptotential abuse. This has been common fact in breedables: creators who were raising the market by controlling sales of the super rares breedables with their own alts/or own friends. This, while settingg *****ty odds for the normal customers, ofc. I was about to forget to mention this detail. Best combo! Great and easy profit! As you can see, this is just one more example of potential abuse. All classic scam tactics already used on both "skill games" and "breedables" markets.
  13. https://www.thelines.com/skin-gambling-sites-persist-despite-valve-order/ Just read this article to judge how far it goes concerning steam. As always its not "opening a random box" the problem, this is rather all the abuses around the concept.. Some people are really greedy around... I guess thats same kind of people that forced LL to change their tos so drasticly with skill games... thats why i think the op post is a clue about what should be done mainly about odds or monitoring gatcha scipts Sl has more event potential than simply gatchas event anyway... and maybe sharting odds will be a marketing argument
  14. Yeah, iam very well aware.. of all ... including the "terms of service" thank you. Thats doesnt change the fact that it changed and will change again with all the consequences linked to such changes... At some point, as creator we follow the customers needs and they want us to make the stuff that is allowed in SL and at this time those games were allowed, the problem is allowed/not allowed change Do i also have the right to consider that i also wasted my time and money: buying, scripting and playing(cause i was a player, also and a big one) those games? Do i have the right to "think" and that is just MY opinion that now, in 2018 i would have prefered that the "skill" games would have been forbidden totally since 2007 in all SL!!! wasnt that the right thing to do? Look i bought skill games between 2010-2014, and now they are desactivated cause rules changed. Money wasted. it can also happen to gatchas machines one day, right? that was my point.
  15. If that was forced: - how comes that from 2007 to 2014 customers were allowed to buy "skill games" that have been desactivated later . The result is simple: the customer bought skill games massivly from 2007 to 2014 then, in 2014, they cannot use them in their inventory anymore.. nice.. really good job, probably they shouldnt have been allowed to buy them in the first place that would had saved them money. dont you think? - There has been one other TOS change concerning skill games, in 2011, (a silent one) that you might not know, that concerned auto-on mode. LL stated (and they were right, but people, and myself had to report like 100000 times this scammy concept) that auto-on mode was against skill game concept (omg after one year of auto on modes they finally realize that), and there were also problems such as the auto-on skipped numbers. a bug that made you lose in automatic mode(anyway: playing a machine automaticly: more loss for the player, easy profit) , so they tried to watch all games, already in 2011 once again they changed their mind and the "skill games" went back with the no-devil. And then the no devil is a skill game , according to the new definition of a skill game.. well... So, yeah, when you realize that a no devil IS a skill game while a poker game isnt, you ask yourself many questions about the life. Concerning gatchas it is same. There has been a hype on the net around the belgium commission's decision that was claiming that they wouldnt allow csgo, pubg , ea games, to continue to scam indirectly, or to trick kids (because there were, indeed scams, due to gambling websites permitting people to gamble skins... and gertting scammed.. all of this under VALVE/steam api blessing since gambling websites were using steam api.. aehm...) people with lootboxes. Very well. They said they would send warnings to publishers , threatening them to sue them when the Belgium law would change. But then nothing much happened EA games changed his behavior, csgo/valve shared odds,.. etc.. This debate about loot boxes is actually in every country. People that try to ridiculize the OP have rather interests in gatchas or dont know everything about what is currently happening. Other game publishers already acted. Here again in SL evertything is foggy and slow, then LL will take a decision one day, and people will get real surprises as it already happened for the skill games in 2014, in 2011, in 2007.. etc..etc... and so on .... ... ..
  16. And it was a not known at all. Not important. Back in the past the most successful shop events were: - the HUNTs, and i will remind you that the HUNTs were a clever way to promote creators since the prizes were free. Hunts were very clever because people that werent PAYING in SL could try things and become tempted in buying something, nothing compared to a greasy gatcha event that attract only gatcha ressellers (oh thats a new status in Sl: what are you doing in SL? iam a gtacha resseller! i won 30k today becouse i resell! ) and super customers that can afford to spend many K in a single outfit no copy - top models events (free and entertaining) top model events and hunts were entertaining for people. I cant see any entertainment in paying a gatcha machine. notice that HUNT and model events werealso SL specific. Gatchas? this is not a concept linked to SL, random payant boxes simply invaded all video games the past few years and already have many issues due to abuses. And it wont stop because the abuses are real. Oh *****, i forgot to mention that there are very less (they mostly disapeared) top model events since we switched to a mesh head/body system that turned us all clones. - Then came the "payant hunts "... no comment.. just LOL - Then "gatchas" received a very HUGE marketing during 2014. Thats clearly not a coincidence. People used to go in public sims and were playing "skill games" or sploder and gatchas were just details. de-tails. That was the past, the Sl we all knew And, in 2018 the only big events are payant ones, mostly. Common do i really need to describe more the evidence? You can also see the chronological difference on the marketplace: before the no copy/ transfert items on MP/XSTREET were breedables , not gatchas, no one ever cared about those The breedable buisness has also been highly damaged because, here again LL promised things and they never happened: the pathfinding was suposed to provide new generations of breedables but LL never fixed it, nowadays pathfinding is blocked in most of the regions. As scripter i invested tons of hours and discussed even with wiki contributors, for the pathfinding, all wasted time since LL stopped to fix its issues. So you dont get much breedables nowadays. Few. far less success than before. And nothing new. It didnt evolve. Nowadays the Mp is constantly spammed by gatchas uploads, so much that the biggest SL customers that use the "most recent" sort button cant even find anythign since there are something like 300 new gatchas uploaded daily or more Notice that a new kind of event has been added recently: fundrisings to support "one rl person". ok i participated in the SL fundrising event to help japan tsunami victims in 2011, at this time we were sure about the event. that was different, dont you think...??? fundrising to help one person in real life??? what is that??? oh yeah probably people that are inspired by youtube, tipee and all those fundrising begging events all over the net) And, apparently some .. problems are happening... do i really need to describe those new "rl-sl" fundrisings problems?? You probably have heard of them, no? Seriously can we go back to SL basics? Or will we keep on going into the wall. THe OP is right when he mentions "the necessity to share the odds", but you know pretty well that telling people that they will get 0.06% chances to receive this ULTARARE will result in less milking and probably a massive loss in gatcha customers (it happened in CSGO when they shared the odds). sharing odds means not scamming people. And also having constant odds would avoid other kind of scams... aehm... So yeah, every SL recent (the past 4 years )update changed SL drasticly , and resulted in this 2018 status where "paying a gatcha" is the last entertainment in SL. Should rather think asap about a plan B, its not like other kind of events already existed in SL... isnt it...
  17. Thats simply totally WRONG!!! A sploder always paid you back, you win or lose less thats ALL, same as a gatcha you get somthing back as you said I even scripted a sploder that was a skill game. a REAL SKILL GAME, not random and LL flagged me after the 2014 TOS. And arent allowing ME TO SELL A REAL SKILL GAME???? Explanations? there are NONE just laws, tos that sometimes arent logic They want to destroy the job of people like me to give the monopoly of the gambling to some people? Ok at least mark it in TOS that will stop this hypocrisy! Also notice the timing of the gatchas trend: they just came after the 2014 TOS change on skill games. Before that gatcha existed but werent popular at all. Regarding who owns the big gatcha events that explains EVERYTHING LL in 2014: "oh crap we allowed few big creators and owner of gambling machines to cheat people on a massive scale" " ***** lets change TOS to justify their ban" " ok lets give monopoly to people we know" "***** we are LOSING MONEY" Smart marketing guy from SL (irony) suggestion: "look at the success of looting in CSGO and al those trash games, people pay 2-200 dollars for a simple texture!, they are stoupid!!!" " oh yeah lets promote GATCHAS in SL!!"" Show must go on!!!
  18. One shoes shop been banned by LL after years.. for this reason.. then he is back now.. same person and continues to sell lacost, addidas and nike - like shoes with such logos, funny isnt it? His direct competitor does same btw. Very successful!!! Participate in every event!! Congratz! One other creator that is constantly attacking every competitor (with popuup messages on his sims and local chat shoutings, naming and shaming, of course) claiming they violate copyrights by using "copyrighted material as backgrounds for profuct blog photos) is himself specialized in tron bikes, disks, and Audi cars. The IP mesh import tutorial is not applied ANY second. Dont tell me that 90% of second life users and LL dont know about this, those are the top SL brands, tho they are allowed do that.. Continue and even milking their own monopoly Another fun stuff is that the payment on info for import mesh isnt applied anymore, means every trash alt can import copirighted stuff or simply stuff they copied from other creatolrs within second life. Reason??????? It is ridiculous, and clearly .... seriously go on the pro 3D platforms, ask them about "creating in second life" they will laugh at you for those very reasons. Same with people that steal animations from other platforms. I even recently saw a new SL shop specialized in selling 3D textures. 1800 produxcts, a texture: 50L$ (diffuse, normal specular). The only problem is that they sell ONLY freebies from the net. SL people (the honnest ones) Contacted the real creator who is a deviant art user to tell him that 100% of his freebies were sold in SL he was sick and couldnt do anything ofc it was freebies! Great quality and originals in SL, i have to admit that when i see such shop with freebie selling i dont want to waste half a day to create original 3D textures and sell in SL, this platform simply doesnt deserve i waste my time, since they allow freebie sellers to rule the actual market (and this WASNT thecase in past!!!)
  19. Actually the pressure is coming from the Lab for like 6 years, continuously, without prior warning, most of the time. as i said i wont repeat myself. read my first posts, the chronologic history (in the other topic), i resume all the TOS changes that ruined people and kicked them out of SL (not only creators, but buisnessmen, and also customers). Yes plenty customers lost tons of money due to such changes. At this point of constant fee changes, TOS changes, and buisness pattern change, we reach the absurd level. @Blush Bravin There have been 3 topics total in this forum section. This is the first one the trolls came to pollute it, naming and shaming creators freely and doing personal attacks. As you can see the two other topics have been totally normal, no flaming no toxicity. Iam very well aware that the decision has been made by probably both chairmans and executive from LL for financial reasons and that we will know the final decision on the ultimate moment as usual, this way we wont be able to react, just to suffer. Maybe even this 30% rumor is spread voluntary to make us accept lowers fees. tactics and rumors as always. Tho, regarding all the previous episodes, all of this had to be written. At least i cannot blame myself for not having tried everything. Because, yeah, iam blaming myself because i didnt react to the previous TOS changes and fee changes since 2012, that brought SL to this 2018 status. In real life employees have rights, are defended by syndicates. customers have rights too. Unfortunatly on SL and those platforms (youtube, steam and so on) we are tools in the hands of the investors. Here you can lose all your buisness in 24h. as creator, if you dont want to gatherin order to request at least infos, its your choice. You will probably have to "adapt yourself" within 15 days, as usual. Good luck.
  20. I wont let such hypocrisy as conclusion If you were totally honest (which obviously isnt your main quality) you would have noticed the ttoxicity of klytyna since page 1 and that it took something like 4 pages for us to finally react or mute, and that everyone muted her in the end. So, after a global muting here comes solar legion and the show must go on. coincidence? all the creators that have been attacked by klytyna toxicity (i see 4-5 under attack, without any logic reason in this topic) gave up already and the topic will be killed, as planned. If you were totally honest you would have noticed that the first one under attack has been the OP and the OP has directly been shocked by such trolling attitude from klytyna towards him so he gave up./ The ONLY fact that klytyna is allowed to post such virulent attacks towards all those people most of them are well known in SL for years is a mystery. We are talking about 2000 bold posts of attacks in one year.
  21. Luna, Its over we had the official answer and it was those whiteknight trolls; now everything is clear about this whole matter
  22. yeah yeah nice one troll also, with all those smileys on every post criticizing LL decisions or disagreeing with, same answer for you as for klytyna You wake up only now after having spammed like trillions smileys on forum posts? Did you feel that klytyna was spotted so she needed backup? hahah Pathetic Then who is next? Be creative You hypocrisy makes me puke
  23. Hahaha. very good one trolling. i have to say that this one called klytyna is the best one i found on those forums for years. hahaha Since you are caricaturing everything, everyone it doesnt even worth to continue argumenting with you. You are the hypocrisyx10000000 or maybe it is ignorance. Probably both Now go back to your masters and tell them you have won and trolled enough to kill this thread.
  24. then tell us your opinion about the topic, since you seem to be a merchant and probably also a customer. thats what we were trying to do: sharing opinions or gathering infos about this topic until 1-2 flamers came.
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