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  1. I have a sonic mobian avi, my head is custom made by the parts of other mobian avis
  2. Sorry for the late response but I tried all of these and they don't work for me :(, including "Detach all worn HUDs and prim attachments. Sometimes worn items can control your camera perspective. If this fixes the problem, then re-add your items back on one at a time until you find the one causing the problem." which is my main problem. I already found it is my head controlling the camera but I can't seem to fix it or reset it or something edit: I have also resetted my settings ( no luck...) and I am using firestorm viewer
  3. My camera changed into a zoomed in angle. I tried resetting the camera until I found out that it is focusing on my head (I was working on the head before) and now I can't fix the camera. It only fixes itself everytime I take it off :(, any way I can fix this?
  4. Am not sure if am posting at the right place! (excuse my english! ) Am having a bit of a problem, the other day I bought what it seems.. a faulty AO, after turning it off, my default walk animation seems choppy and lags everytime, I have a beasty computer and a nice internet conection, so thats not a problem, all the other animations work smoothly, turning,jump,fly, those seem fine, except for my walk animation, I also tried to using other walk animations!... but seems to me that it still playing the default choppy walk animation.. I tried restarting, uninstalling, clearing cache and all
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