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  1. As I said I want the forum closed I dont need it anymore and I do not need to explain myself to anyone as to why.
  2. I noticed after I relogged it worked better I just hate that I would have to relog everytime I want to go on voice where I need to grab my headset with the microphone Edit: I plugged in my headset today before even logging in and I'm still noticing delays of me talking and it showing up of Green lines
  3. So I want to start off by saying I have 1 Headset with a Microphone that's a Logitech bought from Walmart for cheap. And 1 Headphones with no Microphone that I bought from a cheap doller store years ago. So my issue is I usually always have the cheap doller store one plugged in so I can hear everyone cause a lot of my SL Family goes on voice everyday. Now sometimes I will unplug the cheap headphones and plug in the headset then click the pop up that asks "What you just plug in" sort of thing that's it's my headset. Now after I plug it in it will delay me actually talking when I know that I am the green wave points don't show up. Before anyone asks Yes I did make sure I set my SL Settings to this Microphone test that I could hear myself under voice settings before hand. So I'm wondering if this is an SL Issue or Something or do I need to relog everytime I want to plug this headset in with the microphone?? The headset is uncomfortable for me to wear for hours if I'm not going to talk that day and I would rather type that day. Ohh I'm using the current Firestorm Viewer and I did ask them for help but they weren't much help to me at all basically ignored my question so I figured I would ask here maybe someone might know.
  4. Wow okay this seems complaicated I will wait until Monday to see if someone from LL or anything higher up pops up on this forum or the Tilia one Cause even reading that forum it has me confused even more I don't understand why after 10+ years there doing this now it makes no sense there saying it's to keep up to the stature of the law but frankly i think thats just what they want us to think Like think back to when SL first come out what 2005 or 2006 There tryin to tell us you didn't have to show ID to open a bank account or rent a vechile, or all there claming thats changed with laws? I know for 10000000% fact I had to show ID open my first bank account in 1999 so yeah something is fishy around Linden Labs and there just trying to cover themeself's I might be in Canada but there is no way USA Citizen's were not showing ID's to open bank accounts around that time too.
  5. Okay I guess my concern is I want to Sell L$ one time tonight or tomorrow before August.1st when the change is offically supposed to happen Will I be asked for my ID or anything of that nature to try to sell now? and Will I be charged an Inacitivy fee or whatever there calling it if you don't see lindens or whatever every so often for selling only once before August.1st? I have never once sold anything since 2007 so I gurantee it most likly would never happen again. Also How long does it take from Selling L$ to get the money? I have a card on file no PayPal information as far as my payment information goes but I do have PayPal to be able to change that.
  6. Hello I have tried to sell Linden I have confirmed I get to the page where it says "amount will go towards Tilia Account" I thought that wasnt happening until August.1st or am I wrong? This is the first time I have tried to sell Lindens so I dont know what to do in over 10 years in Second Life so have no idea what to do.
  7. On Firestorm Viewer for Full Mesh avatars Do you need Hardware Skinning checked? I don't remember having it checked before but now I look weird without it checked Please check if you look weird like with lines on skin, body, color destortion on body anywhere, etc if you can uncheck it and recheck it before replying would be helpful
  8. In SL to start off with and hoping that it might eventually lead to RL but also okay if it doesn't Thank you Love totally true I see so many real life female's playing SL Guy's even at Dating agency's in SL
  9. I'm 37 years old/Female/Canadian/Single ..... I'm Honest, Faithful, Loving, Caring, Sweet, Trustworthy, Submissive, can be a flirt and wild at times. I'm looking for someone Honest, Faithful, Loving, Caring, Sweet, Trustworthy and Dominant .... There are Dom things normal men can do such as pulling hair back to kiss, pushing against wall, etc Must be willing to win over my heart not claim me by going out on dates, making me feel special in every way possible .... Hoping there are a few men out there that might be interested if so please comment on this. P.S. Don't ask if I have boards up in world cause I have had 4 boards up now in world and not 1 interest other then wanting to get into my bedroom first thing .......... Also if your looking for that only then please look elsewhere cause I promise it won't happen right away with me
  10. Well I have been told I have the temperment and knowledge to be a Mistress But i enjoy being a Submissive more
  11. Yes I have boards up at every dating agency in SL
  12. Hello, My name is Esmeralda I am 37yrs old/Female/Canadian ✠ Proud Choreographer & Dancer For 4 Dance Troupe's ✠ ☑ Single ☑ Submissive ☑ Voice Verified ☑ Devoted ☑ Loyal ☑ Faithful More about me: I'm Sweet, Honest, Caring, Faithful, Loving, Outgoing, Trustworthy, Romantic, Submissive, Flirt and Wild at times. I'm looking for someone Honest, Faithful, Loving, Caring, Trustworthy, Dominate who must be already or willing to learn to be Forcefull & Defiant and Dom if already not. Just because I'm a Submissive doesn't mean I am your sex toy or sex slave if your looking for that then please look elsewhere, I will not dress how you want or dress like other sub's I will dress how I want and feel like it, if you have a problem with that then leave this forum now If you have made it to the end of this and would still like to get to know me then feel free to reply to this forum Below is a picture of my avatar
  13. Second Life is very buggy today none of my friends are showing up online it says i have 0 Friends Online the only way they eventually show up online is if I IM them I have relogged, cleared my cache, reset my moden and router . I have a friend with the same problem and another one thats having script issues today
  14. I'm a Choreographer in world and I am creating a dance hoping to have some Riverdale stuff into what my dancers would be wearing I am looking for anyone that can make the South Side Serpent Jackets just for the male bodies as I have someone already making the female ones Image Below of the Jackets
  15. I'm a Choreographer in world and I am creating a dance hoping to have some Riverdale stuff into what my dancers would be wearing I am looking for anyone that can make the South Side Serpent Jackets both the female and male jackets The Female's one have the one with just the head (like the red jacket below but as a black jacket) and little of the snake, The Males have the full Snake I'm also just needing 1 of the red ones below of what Cheryl gets from Jughead as I will be Cheryl in the dance that I am creating Male one below Anything Serpent that I can put on the wall in like a bar scene If you can put it on Marketplace that way my dancers can buy it straight from you You will be credited in the dance for making them when it comes show time and invited to come see the show
  16. Even though on the SL Grid Status page it says everything is running fine I'm still getting this issue Does anyone know why or is this happening to more then just me?
  17. Really want to tell me why someone with WIRED Connection with 300 mb/s and TOP OF LINE COMPUTER with top cpu, gpu, proscessor, over 1TB HD, everything top specs had this SAME ISSUE that they have a 64 bit system tried to download it 5 times with the SAME ERROR and only could get the 32 Bit Havock verison to work?
  18. 1) I had Firestorm 5.0.1 Installed and working perfectly fine before the 5.0.7 Verison came out so it being System Requirments isn't possible when I just had the older version installed & running perfectly fine with no problems. 2) I deleted it the download at least 3 times and then downloaded it again 3 times with the same thing appearing 3) I deleted everything that was on my computer from Firestorm even in AppData section before even trying to install this version 4) I have been using Wi-Fi for almost over 1 year with no problems what so ever I'm like 5 feet if that from my Router 5) Here are my Speedtest results to show its not internet - 6) To get that type of speed Wi-Fi is pretty good when we are only paying for 60 Mb/s as well but getting more then we are paying for. My friend also had the same problem they were unable to install 64 Bit cause of this problem as well directly connected to there Router with a Internet cable from there router to there computer/laptop. I asked them how they got it to work they said "32 Bit SL ONLY" so I tried that one and what do you know it installed just perfectly fine no error, no message like in my first post or anything So this is something Firestorm screwed up on nothing to do with connection,system requirments or anything else something buggy in the installers.
  19. When I am trying to install I get to this point and it says that it can't write the file to Abort or Retry................. I have clicked Retry 5 times and it keeps coming up If I skip the file it does it with Secondlife.exe as well HELP Please
  20. I Can't get in .... This is as far as I get
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