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  1. i am also having the same issue i cant log in at all ex to the website. i logged on last night just fine uploaded a new mesh i was working on and everything, logged in today to check my shop and for any new messages and it sez my password or acount name is wrong. but i can log in to the normal websight and everything is fine i thought i got hacked. i know im using the write password as well no mistakes there. another weird thing that has happend to me is the fourms and main SL websight for me have been going inactive giving me a web page canot be reached error. is there some kinda update or
  2. this totaly fixed the problem that i was having my vehical uploaded at 60li with all the kits and extra parts i added for people to play around with for there builds if i can set blender not to do that and just use flat that would be better.
  3. o_o i feel kinda dumb right now i do know that tab i use it all the time the copy and the flip faces so under the car hood will be a hood not a see through meterial when in world..............and now that i see the car parts i am selecting i can see that they looke more blocky like they use to on my old pc. (i am about to try a t4est upload right now to see if it is fixed will post a update if it works -crosses fingers-) i just figured with my new pc it was renderign the mesh to look better because this pc is not 7 years old with a failing graphics card. how can i set up blender not to
  4. )that is 100% thre problem that is happenign to me right there but sadly i lack the intelagence to really understand uv maping or anythign that is being talked about. i am not a thecnical person the fact i could even figure out how to upload mesh in the 1st place took me a year of trying to figure it out. what confuses me is i am not doing anythign difforent then befor. importing models to z modeler and exporting them out to a obj to keep the uv maps for when i import them in to blender to re work the mesh and make changes to it then exportign it out to a DAE file and uploading to SL. and th
  5. thank you for the reply i should of added that i am having this problem with the standered viewer to. i have tired firestorm witch wouldnever run on my old pc and ctrl alt studio and the regular SL viewer.....i have not tried exodus and blackdragon yet
  6. so i am running in to a problem i have never had befor on SL when trying to upload mesh. i am woundering if its my new pc causing it or if it is windows 10 when i try to upload mesh and i go through all my lod settings witch normaly is highest is max high 7000-8000 low 5000-6000 lowest i set to 0 <-------- this one is the problem right now no matter what i set the lowest to the number always sits at the defalt set for low right above it and will not go down witch is causing my mesh to have a LI of 155 every time. and i dont have it set to do this it is on the generate setting i upload
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