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  1. @OptimoMaximo Your "useless feature" says alot. Everything said so far has completely went over your head. What was the point of your video? A mod object, such as a Logo head for instance, can have separate textures for diffuse, normal, and specular, which all operate and interact on the same mesh face. The union of, I assume, would be handled by BOM. Did the door hit your arse on the way out?
  2. Well Tarani ... I guess I'm largely speaking of the near trolling by a few on here whom keep repeating inaccuracies when the Lindens themselves have addressed their concerns in posts either before .. or after, the issue was raised.
  3. I've been on here 3 years. The "newbie" under the name is forum related only. I have alot invested in this account and have no desire for another. This whole thread was about user - screen names right? Is that what I not commented on? Isn't it a convoluted mess? ... and no duh that SL isn't IW .. but they are related. Some condescending replies here by a few that forgot apparently what the thread topic was. So finally (per Jewell), it appears names will be addressed. Kudos to SL for being less "stupid" but we'll see ... this should of been fixed long ago ...
  4. I'm all for this BoM. A clothing texture based alpha with no need for alpha segment hud (eventually) is a fabulous idea. Baked on with a minimally layered Maitreya & Logo (in my case) is a win win, though I already burn my tats onto my skin with no need for appliers except for hose. So .. with all the benefits this will bring, it's quite disheartening to see all negative comments on the initial implementation. This is about base avatar improvement and reducing lag. Bitching about materials, clothing and other features outside the scope of the 1st edition is just .. stupid and childish.
  5. When I joined I came in from InWorldz ... which didn't consider "Bordello" to be a naughty word. It also didn't use my account name as a screen name nor make user name public. I figured same for here. Was I ever wrong ... this system here is just plain stupid .. incredibly stupid.
  6. Specifically in Firestorm it is : Preferences>Chat>Notices (tab)>Email me IMs when I'm offline (uncheck) (as of FS ver
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