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  1. I found Cocoon today, seems like a good place to play: Japan Rose (184, 167, 3008). Doesn't look like it's really busy, but the sim is really beautiful.
  2. This is basically what I'm looking for. Sure things sometimes happen in the game, like a fight breaks out or aliens show up, but most of it is daily life.
  3. I've got ideas of a huge space station that has shops and restaurants and things, maybe on a mining world that allows visitors. Robots, cybernetics, aliens, government spies and sabotage. Just don't have anywhere to play it.
  4. I don't see a lot of SciFi rp around the grid unless it's based on a tv show or movie. I'm really looking for something that's based on a space station with maybe some on-world action possible. Is anyone aware of something like this or would anyone be willing to help start something like this? I can be online most week nights (8pm - after midnight EST) and then most of the day on the weekends. I'm not looking for something that's specifically all adult situations (which is what a lot of them seem to be) but not rated G either.
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