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  1. And it is even worse.... It is not possible to ban these avatars! I've noticed several of them rezzing on my land and staying who are on the estate ban list.
  2. I've checked the search ingame for the "Brendens" and the others. There is a huge number of "Brendens" without profile, i have found several hundreds of them! Seems not all are from 2014, there are a lot of 8 or 9 years old ones. Technically it will be impossible to ban all these avatars, the ban list is limited. This tells me one thing: Supporting such a huge number of bots costs a fortune. I can't believe this is just done for joy or hobby. Someone has a business and earns money. I will try a simple trick: As it was said these avas rezz at a hight of around 3000 meters. I'll rezz a huge megaprim cube (256x256x256) centered at that hight and put a simple "teleport home on collision" script inside. Let's see if that helps. Those searchbots definitely take ressources and collect unkown data. As long as i don't know exactly what these bots are doing i definitely don't want them on the sim i pay for.
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