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  1. You can read land info in the viewer, incl access settings and allowed / banned lists, from at least 2 sims away. So the data is available from the server. Annoying if no viewer allow us to use this information while traveling. But thank you much for the answer on the distances.
  2. Currently I need to be within 10m of banlines to see them (both LL Viewer and FS). this is just way too late to be able to steer around the parcel with vehicles. I don't remember it being this short, is it me or a general change in SL? Would like to increase the range a lot, preferably past 256m, so can see enough to try find a path around the banned areas. Wouldn't hurt if you could extend it past normal drawing range.
  3. Greetings. After the server issues last week my inventory has never finished fetching all items (talking only 4000 items here), possible before as well, but didn't pay attention to it. When I log in viewer will say it finished (Firestorm + Standard), but if I then search for "a" it might start again, if I wait a few hours, it will say it finished, then "b" might start again etc. I can do a-z, and they will not start a new fetch (until next time the server goes boom) but longer strings might still give a fetching message. Is this normal behavor? If not any hints on how to locate defect items?
  4. Cool! Check inventory loaded, check. Search a in inventory, not fetching. Rebake ... still cloud. Restart ... 17:05 Fetching inventory (4382 items) ... 17:15 Fetching invententory ... Checks network usage, anything else: around 0 kb/s, Second Life 1-5kb/s. Nowhere near any limits. 17:20 restart Still a cloud, not fectching Search a , now fectching. Network: 0.5-6 kb/s, still don't seem to actually get anything. 17:25 posts this, not really thinking problem is fixed.
  5. Logged in, still grey. Waited for inventory to load fully, still grey. Rebake, still grey. Put on other outfit, stil grey. Rebake, still grey. Avatar Health Test, grey with black spots and shoes.
  6. Finally got my inventory back in order since last time this happened - was in the process of making outfits when they broke the search - 2 hours before posting the message (which as mentioned before in this thread, was back dated by over an hour a little later). Now it doesn't work at all again. Not a particular great experience, and the back dating of the announcement is rather shady.
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