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  1. So do topics started in 2013, I suspect they are unavailable too.
  2. VALLANI do mesh hairs with animations, doesn't move as much as the flexi hairs but you don't have to worry about it going through your body.
  3. What everyone else has said is true but sometimes you can just get lucky. After a couple of years trying to find a skin that hides the line in more than just "neutral" windlights , I found an Egozy skin and a freebie system skin that blend well. With the aid of the maitreya neck fix the line is unoticeable in most windlights, though coloured club lights can mess it up horribly. Keep experimenting, some solutions are accidental.
  4. Any price rise at any time is going to be unpopular, but at least there is the option of defering it for a while by renewing early. OK not everyone can afford to splash out a years subscription at short notice, but LL are a business and have to look at the bottom line. As customers we just have to decide if we think it's worth it to us.
  5. First thing, if you want to get back to your original look check your apperance and select outfits, anything you saved should have the original lara/classic head combination, use the lara presets to get the colour you had and remove the clothing and hair and save it as a template in case anything goes wrong. Next make a copy and apply the cleo head. Add the [AK Deluxe] HUD cleo head, in the basic tab you can change the head colour without affecting the lara body. If you find a good match then save that in outfits as cleo or something to differentiate from your original. you will need to use the neck fix in the lara hud. If you can't find a perfect match then unpack the Skin body appliers and look for something close to what you want, this will apply the colour to the lara body. You will still need to use the head hud to match the head colour. when you're happy with a look then save it with a new name. If you switch between classic and cleo heads remember to apply the appropriate skin colour . You're not the first to get confused with the new head, I did exactly the same as you but 24 hours earlier :)
  6. My earliest memories are big grey blobs that seemed to take forever to rezz, movement keys that didn't respond until everything had rezzed and walking into walls/rivers. Afrer an hour I gave up and read rhe system requirements. I was lucky to get the blobs, SL isn't designed for users of low end machines with integrated graphics and ram measured in mb
  7. Not sure if this is what you're asking, but if you want to remove gloves put on with an applier, then open the maitreya hud, click on layers , then click gloves on/off
  8. suzyst


    Going premium is no guarantee of getting a houseboat or one of the new design homes. They seem to be limited in number and get snapped up within hours of release. There are good reasons for going premium, but if a houseboat is your main one then be prepared to constantly monitor the forums for announcements of the next release and (if you're in the wrong timezone), stay up until the early hours for a chance of getting one.
  9. If you want to keep your existing face you could just forget the new head. After spending hours farting around with demos that make my face look like everyone elses, I decided it's not worth the effort for a few facial expressions. I'm still using the freebie modifiable shape I got 4 years ago with Maitreya and use emoter huds if I need an expression for photos. May not be as sophisticated, but it does save the embarrasment of wandering around with no head followed by a disembodied brain, waiting for it to rezz for 5 mins when visiting busy sims.
  10. Sometimes creators include a texture to show what the makeup/tat looks like, this cannot be applied. the actual thing you need to apply looks like a pink squiggly thing for system bodies/heads, for non system bodies it looks like a cube with the name of the bodies it will work on. If it doesn't have a cube icon with slink then you can't use it
  11. Region for sale $200 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/suzys/93/80/22
  12. still for sale but it's not waterfront. Inland, view isn't fantastic but neighbours haven't erected anything particularly obnoxious
  13. No, once you are inworld it's a collection mini states, where whoever pays the teir is the monarch/dictator of that area. In societies everyone (more or less) knows what the rules are. In SL they can change every few hundred metres.
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