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  1. On behalf of all the geeky kids who had their teens messed up by unatural expectations and peer pressure, I'd like to give the senior management at hallmark a Chicago style V day
  2. Only problem now is the nails are now BOM resistant. Using system alphas with some of my shoes and boots I end up with toenails floating in front of the shoe.
  3. Must admit first attempts to use black dragon didn't last long, after using firestorm for years I found the interface too confusing. This thread and the links to the blog and tutorials have got me interested. I'm still using firestorm for most of my inworld time, but switching more to BD for serious pics. Thanks to Niran for making it and everyone else for the useful info.
  4. One of the reasons I avoid that brand of head. I'm blonde, what use is a brain to me ?
  5. It's 2020,you would think by now that someone would have noticed we are no longer limited by the mechanical limitations of a century ago and don't need to use a keyboard designed to be the most difficult for people to use.
  6. Thanks for the advice.I'll feel more secure during the restart earthquakes now
  7. I go along with what everyone else has said, would just add I hate that drink animations either pour the drink in my lap or try to push it up my nose.
  8. I My terraforming skills leave something to be desired but I've managed to make something livable from this sloping beachfront
  9. Region for sale, 20k prims, NOT grandfathered. Tier due 2019-11-18 ( USD 229.00 ). $300 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/suzys/122/130/21
  10. Just confirming what you've already been told. I was put off even trying XCITE in my early days by the amount of spam it generated in local chat in adult clubs. Everything Orwar has said about VAW is correct, I'll just add functionality is pretty good, I've tested it extensively . If you do decide to get it I'd avoid using the giving others access option, the animations are less than convincing when the avi's involved are a foot apart. I've used it with system, TMP, Maitreya and Altamura bodies and it works well with all of them. The other intimate parts sold by VAW I'm less than enthusiastic about , fitting can literally be a pain in the rear end. There are also bento bits available now, I haven't tried them so can't comment on them but they may be worth investigating.
  11. Don't be silly, twitter would go out of business overnight
  12. Oh good grief NO! I can (just about) remeber how awful my avi looked 4 years ago, dread to think how bad it would look on an ancient version
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