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  1. Just confirming what you've already been told. I was put off even trying XCITE in my early days by the amount of spam it generated in local chat in adult clubs. Everything Orwar has said about VAW is correct, I'll just add functionality is pretty good, I've tested it extensively . If you do decide to get it I'd avoid using the giving others access option, the animations are less than convincing when the avi's involved are a foot apart. I've used it with system, TMP, Maitreya and Altamura bodies and it works well with all of them. The other intimate parts sold by VAW I'm less than enthusiastic about , fitting can literally be a pain in the rear end. There are also bento bits available now, I haven't tried them so can't comment on them but they may be worth investigating.
  2. Don't be silly, twitter would go out of business overnight
  3. Oh good grief NO! I can (just about) remeber how awful my avi looked 4 years ago, dread to think how bad it would look on an ancient version
  4. That does seem to be a sensible thing to do and I'm sure others have done the same, and you all did it without whining on the forums
  5. Typical, thousands of premium members are hitting refresh hoping to get one of these homes and someone who has been lucky enough to get one is complaining about a minor cosmetic thing that could be fixed with 5 mins work and a little imagination.
  6. Or even a better name. I suspect there would be less adverse reaction if they called it "Linden Labs financial services", which is a fairly accurate description of what it is.
  7. That place is beyond saving , we need to resurect Guy Fawkes
  8. shoes don't count as clothes, they are essentials like hair, that's the only part of my inventory that is organised
  9. I stay nakie and avoid sims that aren't clothing optional, life's too short to waste trying to sort out the mess in my inventory
  10. But the reason you are stuck in traffic is everyones home is being reset
  11. Frequently at most popular events/sales. Takes about 5 secs of looking at the swirling mass of body parts and clothing to realise I'm standing on someones head, by which time someone is standing on mine. When I do break out then it's a tedious wait for the surroundings to rezz, by the time I get near whatever attracted me in the first place I'm loosing interest. Much less stress to wait a while and not go through the rugby scrum.
  12. Congratulations, you've just annoyed half the none merchant/creators in SL. The other half are contemplating becoming merchants selling distorted prims as art to get the extra tier and perks.
  13. I've learned not to react to what linden labs say they are going to do until they actually do it. Some time ago I wondered what name I should use to repace "resident" , still haven't thought of one but there doesn't seem to be any need for the foreseeable future
  14. They came in last month, butyou are quite right, it has nothing to do with the cost of premium.
  15. No cos they dropped the stupid Idea before the implementation date, if they hadn't I would have clicked the basic button the day it came into force. I like having the extra groups but I won't take them if it means basics lose some of theirs.
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