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  1. Hi all. I have created a small educational project on second life. one of the objects I've created is an assignment submission object that opens a web page on a shared media on one of the prims faces with a forum to upload doc files to my server. I've noticed a problem with it and was wondering if anyone here has faced something similar or know a simple fix I can apply. The problem is when I press the button in the form to upload the file the file browser dialog pops up but it dissappears after a random amount of short time then the webpage resets and no option to reload it other than re-entering the original url. I've also noticed the same problem with the internal browser. I am using Linden lab standard latest viewer. I've tried firestorm and it didn't have that problem. unfortunately, I can't use firestorm for my project for other reasons. If anyone have any idea about what causes this problem or if there could be a fix please help. Thank you.
  2. Hi everybody. I need to know if it's possible to specify a sound radius for a shared media on a prim so that the sound won't be heard outside that radius. and if it is possible, kindly tell me how to do it? thank you.
  3. Hi Thinkerer Melville, Thank you for your kind offer. I will check your blog and contact you.
  4. Hi Alwin. Thank you for replying. I have a premium membership but all the lands I've looked at in mainland feel too residential to fit a classroom. I was looking into renting land in private islands. I would rather have a place either isolated and quiet or maybe some place near other educational establishments.
  5. Hello everybody. I need to setup a virtual classroom in SL for research. I've been looking into lands for sale on mainland but don't think any is suitable for a teaching environment. I am new to SL in general. So, I will appreciate it if someone could point me to the right direction so I can start to have a small place where I can set up my class.
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