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  1. Hey there and thanx for the replys. I think i was pretty clear of what i am looking for: "who does really know how to work with particles" And yes, i will pay if necessary.
  2. Hey there, I´m looking for a good scripter who does really know how to work with particles. Contact me InWorld please. Thank you. Nelot Resident (Mr. Nelot)
  3. Hey there, First of all my apologies if i'm not in the right place and sorry for my poor English. I have about 7 years in SL and i am looking for a scripter that knows how to work with interactions... let me explain better giving you an example: Do you know "Its Not Mine" system? Where two residents needs to wear its own object and those two objects communicates between them. One resident have the trigger and the other shows up the object that it is previously attached and gradually shows more if the first resident triggers again. - If you don't know what i'm talking about,
  4. Hello everyone, This question maybe its so basic then im going to laugh at the end but, I have 3 linked prims, all are 100% tranparent with a transparent texture. 2 of them have diferent actions when touched/clicked, so far so good. The problem is they dont show to the viewer they are clickable and i cant figured out why. Thank you in advance for your help. Edit: I forgot to say, they are wearable/added to the avatar :)
  5. Hi all, I read it all this post and i have a question: If we use this script in a HUD, this script plays all over the SIM or just some range using llTriggerSound? Btw what range are we talking about (+-)? Thank you in advance for your help
  6. Well i'll hire one then, its way to difficult for me to make one of my own. Thank you for your quick help.
  7. Hey there beautiful people, For start i dont know if i'm in the right place to post this, if not my apologies in advance. I dont understand nothing about scripts and i want to create this HUD. Is there anyone who could do this script for me or show me the right place? Thank you for your attention :) 
  8. Many thanks Lindal Kidd for the help. Gonna check my work schedule to see if i can make it Wednesday at 17:00 SLT. I will be there for sure and maybe retain some knowledge about this scripting subject. Best regards
  9. Greetings to all, First of all I do not know anything about scripts, just know what they are for and how to put them on objects. That said, I have seen several analog clock scripts around the web/inWorld but nothing that i really want to achieve. I already saw some residents with clocks with just a single script and that's what I want for my creations. If anyone has experienced this demand and have found some results, I ask you to help me. If there is someone who wants to build one for me, I reward him :) Thank you for your time. PEdit: I guess i did put my question in the wrong place and i
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