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  1. Hello! One of the reasons may be the amount of used bones, because the ability to upload rig is restricted to 110 bones per mesh. If it's not the reason, try asking in Blender Avastar group, usually most questions are answered online in minutes, many helpful people there. Here is the link to the group: secondlife:///app/group/969567fd-6f74-dd45-eafe-ac1fcecd3479/about
  2. Seems, that it's not random, my account is free, so i can't compare to premium ones. But if you don't see any difference in the urls between premium and free accounts, it says we only have to wait for Lindens to fix this, because it's out of our control after it leaves the url and goes to some script serving the transactions page, which contains some error, or somewhere on this way.
  3. Same here. I tried to manually edit the request in the url to start_date=2017-12-20&end_date=2017-12-21 , but it gives same error, which began exactly from the beginning of 2018. Maybe, they changed the format of the url? What does it show in the url of your premium accounts, Mystie?
  4. I know, it's obvious. Maybe i wasn't clear enough in my previous message. I was talking about elevators. That technically they'll be local and offsetting visually, if done fully by animation without some script really moving a thing. And if at all an mpc will be able to move an avatar, while it's sitting on it. In my guess an avatar will sit in air in the center of mpc's real coordinates, while the mpc will locally-visually move away from it, while the animation is playing, that's why i think it will be important to move the mpc itself with a script like a regular prim, animating only its deco
  5. I just guess, that this will work similarly to regular avatar animations. Like with dances or gestures, where avatar offsets far from the center locally in viewer, but the true location is still the center of avatar's coordinates. So i think the objects will usually move separately, using a script, like before, animating their parts with animations. Just a guess though, based on how it's done now.
  6. Hi all! Is it the main thread on this subject? I want to follow its development, where is it mainly discussed?
  7. Isn't it technically possible for SL to support more than 1 avatar type? I mean not now, but at all in future maybe it's better to separate avatars to different types, like an asymmetric default human, a symmetric bento all in one, and maybe a quadrupped animal? Most of existing clothing should still work i think, because these asymmetries are just tiny comparing to sizes of clothes.
  8. Hello! Sorry for asking, i stopped following every message in this thread after 60+ pages... Was Bento already officially released for the default viewer? Or still testing and correcting it? Or both - has been released and being corrected after that?
  9. I agree with Teager's suggestion, without a control over sizes of the new limbs it should be a nightmare for every creator to provide and upload the same resized stuff many times, and if it contains bones translations to upload the animations too, as well it will make unneeded mess in customer's folders and maybe heads.
  10. Maybe, some parts of this still can be useful for those who know python and want to make scripts for reading / writing .anim files, i'll just leave it here. https://github.com/HazimGazov/AniMonkey
  11. Thank you for your answer Vir, and for giving a hope to have one day ankle attachment points, they will be useful for different feet accessories, especially in non human avatars with digitigrade paws or bird / reptile feet. Will wait for them, hopefully not after 50 sl updates
  12. Vir, you may have missed my messsges, I was asking twice about ankle attachment points, but didn't get any answer...
  13. Vir, is there any chance of adding an attachment point to the ankle bones? It's impossible to wear things on that bones,and using hip or foot instead of ankle doesn't help, because animations position an attached item wrong. Ankles aren't new bento bones, but I ask, because anyway the skeleton is getting updates, so still I have a hope. In some creatures like birds the ankle bones are the main places to wear something, like rings or bracelets, and all the bones around in the leg have attachment points, except of the ankle bones. Of course there is an option to rig these things to ankles, but i
  14. Vir please test also on a tiny scaled avatar, check that the precision is small enough to not deform some tinies faces in future.
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