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  1. They do seem to drop regions at the top of the hour, get your refresh finger limber.
  2. Holy smokes! I snagged a houseboat in Beluga Sound! Now I have to go rename it ‘cause I just typed in 5 random letters I was rushing so fast. 😆
  3. It’s still only 1:25pm in San Francisco, and contrary to speculation most Americans do *not* “take off early” for holiday weekends. These regions could drop anytime between now and 1700 SLT.
  4. There’s a loud BONGGGG! and the whole sim shakes. You have 120 seconds to TP out or you get logged off when the region restarts.
  5. Yup, me too. Tagged it, named it, but it was gone before I could complete the transaction. Must be yours now, iBrat! 🙂
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