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  1. Anyone an idea if they will release some SIMs with Victorian houses anytime soon? I love my Trad on Esplin (beautiful spot on a lakefront), but would give it up for a Victorian ...
  2. Btw... this is the house on Esplin, that was abandoned an hour ago... View towards the house (its the one in the middle): And this is the view from the balcony:
  3. Lots of houseboats. Is this another release, or just abandoned ones?
  4. Well, who knows. I think Atina is right with her guess, that it could be a delay of the alarm. Moreover, as we all know, houses often go within seconds. And even if you know how to trick the refresh limit (which is possible - but not recommendable), it could be that a Bellisseria-home shows up and finds a new owner in the 20 (or 60-70) seconds while your add on didnt make a refresh (*). Personally I now only log in on the land-selection page, when I have to do some PC-work anyways. I move the browser window on my second screen and can quite quickly see if there is some Bellisseria home. B
  5. I think many people use auto refresh plus or some similar add-on for their browsers, that also sends a notification when keywords change
  6. I wrote 4 posts in total now (Im a community-noob). Menntionned the fact, that after refreshing the land-selection for many times, I only saw 1 boat and 1 camper, but that Im looking for a house. Of course you can call that "multiple posts" 🥴. Thats kind of confusing, yes.
  7. The houseboat was gone within seconds. I didnt try to claim it, and I wont try to get a camper either, as Im waiting for a house. Would be nice to get one before 2020 🤨
  8. Im trying to find a place on Bellisseria for quite some time now. Used autorefresh, refreshed manually... never ever saw anything new (probably a 1000 refreshs). Now 1 minute ago: saw a houseboat
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