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  1. Hi Hacker, Perhaps I can be of service with landscaping and also creating something more appealing to block the castle for you. I cant seem to search your name inworld. You can view my design work at www.tns-sl.com and reach me inworld Lola Soileau-Lionheart (lolasirena)
  2. Why do I feel attack? Same as you felt the need to suggest how it is cheaper to do it yourself. I offered the counter argument to that and the "inflated" costs the couple will incur doing it themselves. If the couple is still looking for a wedding company... clearly they have decided a DIY wasn't for them or the very least a last resort. His less expensive is 20K. There are plenty of places he can get all that he asked for in his original post for 20K or less without having to do it all alone which can ultimately cost more. Back to my closing statement to my original response to you. While it can be fun to do it yourself it is not always the "cheapest" option. It is comical how I am "derailing" this thread and "felt attacked" but you still feel the need to respond back to me. You can always stay on your high horse and ignore my counter arguments. Derailment avoided.
  3. If you want to spend the time finding a land company and talking to all the neighbors to make sure it is going to be okay then go ahead and spend the time. If there is one thing on Second Life I know how to do very well... it is sim design. Unless the couple have the time and skills to create a venue on their own or just don't care how it looks (just plop down anything) it will take more than two days and for many more than a week. You do have to add in the time of searching for items, price comparison vs land impact, placement, modifying, etc etc. Your idea on animations are antiquated. Most people do not have their own dancing HUDs. There is a reason why live music venues still have to invest in couple dance machines. You have to always consider your guest. By your comment on photography I can tell you don't really value others creative expertise given you think "a little minor skills" gets you the same results. Don't get me wrong I love when people jump into their creative side and make things on their own. It makes it sweeter when you did everything yourself. I actually create videos on how people can modify items and help residents on how to create their parcels/regions considering their abilities and whats most cost effective. Your approach and obvious disregard for others expertise in world is misguided and bad advice. Just because you don't see the value.
  4. Lets break this down: You will need a 1/4 parcel on a full region (that gives you 25 guest. Yes, many reputable land companies allocate how many people you can have on a shared region). Cost - L$3000 You are designing this wedding alone so add an additional week unless you plan on spending all day and night creating your perfect wedding. Cost for land total L$6000 Decor, let's say you can do a full wedding design with L$1500 DJ, Typical wedding 3 hours (1 hr ceremony/2 hr reception) - L$3000 (1000 hr) The wedding ceremony system (walks, passing of ring, kiss, etc) L$2000 If you want help by having someone who knows what they are doing controlling the animations so you don't have to L$1000 (the low point) Couples and Singles dance machine -L$5000 A MP cake - L$100 Officiant (if your friend cant do it for free) - L$1000 Photographer (if you want professional ones) -L$2500 (for 5 photos by a novice wedding photographer) Total for just these basic items : L$ 21,1000 and you now have a bunch of items you will hopefully never use again. While it can be fun to do it yourself it is not always the "cheapest" option.
  5. Tonal Ranch Country Club has affordable full service wedding packages and a fully landscaped region to deliver a wedding experience https://tonalranch.wixsite.com/countryclub
  6. If you are still looking I'd be interested in helping with this project! You can view my work at www.tns-sl.com
  7. Great suggestions! Nothing overlaps however I make sure to build with borderlines that tell me where to not go pass with prims that overlap like trees commonly do. This sim also isnt a water region and her parcel faces the end of the region with no other attached. The beach and rocks are actually off sim decor. If they do however return the offsim beach which does go beyond her borderline then everything was placed in a rezzer for her so she can just re rez it easily I listed all the items used on my blog post if you would like to purchase them! http://www.tns-sl.com/blog/2019/1/5/fight-against-mainland-bullies
  8. Scripter found. Thank you to everyone who reached out.
  9. There are a lot of black people in SL. You will have a better chance finding them on Facebook then on the SL forums. People tend to go off topic here. I am black. While I'm not the social type in SL you are welcome to message me inworld and I can point you in the right direction.
  10. I will message you in world and see how we can help you make this surprise happen!
  11. We have only done vow renewals so far but would love to do anniversary events!
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