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  1. LolaSirena

    WANT/HIRE: Hotel Interior Designer/ Decorator

    If you are still looking I'd be interested in helping with this project! You can view my work at www.tns-sl.com
  2. LolaSirena

    Neighbor Bully

    Great suggestions! Nothing overlaps however I make sure to build with borderlines that tell me where to not go pass with prims that overlap like trees commonly do. This sim also isnt a water region and her parcel faces the end of the region with no other attached. The beach and rocks are actually off sim decor. If they do however return the offsim beach which does go beyond her borderline then everything was placed in a rezzer for her so she can just re rez it easily I listed all the items used on my blog post if you would like to purchase them! http://www.tns-sl.com/blog/2019/1/5/fight-against-mainland-bullies
  3. LolaSirena

    Neighbor Bully

    Thank you!
  4. LolaSirena

    Neighbor Bully

    Thank you!
  5. LolaSirena

    Neighbor Bully

    Thank you
  6. LolaSirena

    Need a scripter

    Scripter found. Thank you to everyone who reached out.
  7. LolaSirena

    Where are all the black people...

    There are a lot of black people in SL. You will have a better chance finding them on Facebook then on the SL forums. People tend to go off topic here. I am black. While I'm not the social type in SL you are welcome to message me inworld and I can point you in the right direction.
  8. LolaSirena

    DESTINATION Weddings and Resort - Hiring

    I will message you in world and see how we can help you make this surprise happen!
  9. LolaSirena

    DESTINATION Weddings and Resort - Hiring

    We have only done vow renewals so far but would love to do anniversary events!
  10. LolaSirena

    DESTINATION Weddings and Resort - Hiring

    Wedding Crasher - may need to be a new RP character!!!
  11. LolaSirena

    DESTINATION Weddings and Resort - Hiring

    I wouldn't be surprised if some of the groomsman are looking to meet someone. lol.
  12. DESTINATION Weddings is hiring! We are a full service role play wedding business that focuses on creating memorable experiences for our clients. Every three months we change our destination to a new exotic fun filled place for people to jump on a plane and arrive with their guest for the DESTINATION wedding experience of their SLives. We are now hiring dedicated, fun, and reliable team members to join our team for the next theme to come and future themes. This position is a flexible role with your responsibility and role play position changing per wedding. One wedding you can be a travel agent greeting our travelers at the airport and making sure their journey from start to finish goes without a hitch, to the next day you are a restaurant owner prepping to receive the whole wedding party engagement dinners and cake tastings. The possibilities are endless! If you are interested in joining our team please fill out the Experience Staff Application form linked below. All positions are paid. JOIN US! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdh2tIw4ZwJmAH5yiDZqtA2FyJHn59b2-Jv_IRoeFEB0E3SQw/viewform
  13. LolaSirena

    Looking for an adult romance sim landscaper

    Hi Alexia I specialize in commercial development for full regions. You can view my work at www.tns-sl.com Lola
  14. RENTED Beautifully landscaped parcel for rent. This is a rare corner parcel surrounded by protected water regions. Rent is 2500L / week. You can keep the landscaping as is and have 500 prims left for your own touches or have everything removed for 3164 prim or some things removed. Connect to 50+ water sims. RENTED
  15. LolaSirena

    Looking for wedding DJs

    I am looking for a DJ's who can do weddings on a on-call basis. Please send me a message inworld for more information and tell me your hourly DJ rate. I am currently looking for a DJ who is available Nov 3rd. Lola Lopez (lolasirena)