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  1. Hello, before a while as I was flying over sea of fables, I saw several residents in world map in circles of 11 and some straight lines of eleven people too. I counted the distance and flew down when I found them in sea's bottom but they were invisible. Their name was apparent in mini map yet no people under it. They were all named in the same way, e.g. MaryAsAnne, JimmieAsConrand and so on. They were all of same age, that is one year and some months. I asked them what is it about but they left. All of them. All sea of fables was full of them. I am thunderbolt.
  2. ...but in the market in scrpts category cannot really make out anything at all. What to take? Thanks P.S. It proved that scripts is a tough one for me to handle for now. But I definitely learned that I must be careful with the furniture I buy, to have also appropriate animations and often combined combinations. This one is difficult also, as often one buys a chair with a sitting animation but not an eating one, etc etc. There are some seriously made sims with let us say luxury accomodations where animations are a treat and a delight, Everything is functional and many things offer animations imitating rl. I think that abundance and functionality of animations in environments is real sl luxury and comes after the magnificence and expense of the buildings and attires etc. Right after animations functionality I think is the landscaping. So beautifully reflecting the earth's beauty. Or even imagining other worlds. The avatars look, (shape and skin) comes afterwards for me. Spending money there I mean. Of course I'm not that much in the relashionships thing.
  3. ...any other way but putting the plants one by one in place? It isn't technical perhaps but I do not know where to ask it, P.S. After I planted all the linden trees my heart desired, I discovered first that when I eventually am obliged to abandon the land the linden trees cause a problem bundled all together in my inventory with all my other staff by the land owner who emptied the parcel and I'll need to go to a special slurl (a special sandbox that is), to unbundle them, second that there are considerably affordable trees grounds in the market. One buys a package of let us say northern trees species, different ones) or tropical species, and populates his land with relatively little prims. Of course, the next time I try a sim from scratch, I'll know so many things better. And that sounds logical. But even the first one is a delight no less, never mind the myriad challenges.
  4. The place is full of houses, some of them with some furniture too but all empty. Can one rent here?
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