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  1. Hello folks! Yes Lutra City is still very much operational, although the traffic has died down considerably since a new game has not been released for about 14 months now. I will make a new one when I get the chance, Just haven't had the opportunity. As of the moment, there are 5 games available, 2 of them free and quite short, and 3 games in the main series for 190L each. After a game release the city is bustling for a while then traffic tends to die down. Other than the adventure mystery games, there is a Catch-A-Crook game I designed and developed which pays out Lindens to the first person who correctly identifies the crook. As mentioned, there is also bowling and arcade machines in the bowling alley, a Baduk/Go parlor with several Baduk tables to play at, a few stores such as a shoe store, art gallery, and others. In the casino is the absolute most full featured poker table I have ever seen in SL. I just had to buy it. It's a bit tricky to use, but you can play literally any poker game on it because it doesn't enforce specific rules on you. It's just like having a deck of cards and chips. There are simple apartments to rent in the apartment building for 25L, and larger skybox rooms with higher prim allowance for 50L. Feel welcome to drop by any time :-)
  2. Clariel Rishmal wrote: It would just make SL seem more like a real, interconnected world, instead of a disjointed patchwork of many small worlds. Again, SL does not seem like a disjointed patchwork of many small worlds to me because I live on the mainland and spend most of my time there. When I do tp to a private island, then yes it is like going to a different world, but that's what the owner of that place wants. For RP reasons and so forth, they want it to a be a different world.
  3. You could make a prim version of you avatar. And script an invisible object you wear so that it rezzes this fake avi when you log out, and derezzes it when you log in. Of course this would only work if you log out from somewhere you can rez and it will stay rezzed, like your home.
  4. Martine1988 wrote: "No, you rez, but first we have to go to a sandbox" It's really haqrd for new people, since the games they play they get used are easy, but SL isn't a game.... They think it is, where are the points.... NOOOOOO it's not a game, it's more like a 3d chat.... but you can play games.... "Cool, and where do i get these?".... No I don't play them, I just.... "GAMES!!!! WHERE!!!" and I give up. Yes it is very hard for new people to get into SL because of the enormously steep learning curve. but... why do you have a problem with telling new people where to find games if that's what they want to do? and instead you give up?
  5. Move to the mainland. That's what the mainland is about, unbroken movement between regions by foot, car, rail, water... or even flying if that's your thing. People get private islands because they want to be relatively inaccessible.
  6. Personally, I am baffled how IMVU is still "a thing." I finally decided to try it out a couple months ago to see what it's all about and... there are no words for how bad this thing is. It's just a collection of chat rooms with avatars that are way less customizable and all they can do is sit on pose balls (not even walk around) in static rooms. It might have been kind of cool in late 90's? If it had existed then which it didn't. No, this thing came out in 2004 making it already way outdated at release! and actually saying it would be cool in the late 90's is probably offensive to developers in late 90's. After all WorldsAway was released in 1995, The Realm Online in 1996, and both of those are way more advanced than IMVU. I just think it's pretty funny that people who use IMVU have complaints about SL.
  7. What's with the catty one sentence reply? You're making Phil look reasonable and that ain't easy ;-) Anyway, kidding aside, we're all right. I didn't realize that what was being stated was a contingent truth about what happens to be the current state of the most popular viewers in which case I will concede that they use LL's renderer. I actually don't concede that clients that don't render at all are not called "viewers" because the word "viewer" is just the word LL chose to refer to SL clients and it doesn't matter whether they really render the world in 3D or some other way. But that's not really worth arguing about. What I was saying is that it most certainly is not part of the definition of a third party viewer that it use the LL renderer and so in that sense the statement "Linden Lab made them" when I was making a universal statement about third party viewers, (not a contingent one on the current state) is indeed very highly incorrect. So it was all a misunderstanding of context and we all win.
  8. Well "thin clients" are viewers. I could go write a viewer that displays everything in a top down ascii rendered view like rogue if I wanted to and it would be a viewer. And since I haven't gone out and done a survey of every viewer everyone has ever made, and since it is certainly possible to make a viewer from scratch, then yes it is inaccurate to say that the rendering engine of third party viewers are made by LL since there is no way of knowing whether or not that's true. Someone could have just written a viewer yesterday no one has heard of. Anyway, you may be right that all the most popular viewers are like this but it is not a characteristic of "3rd party viewers" it is merely a contingent fact if it is indeed a fact (as it may well be).
  9. Where on Earth did you get the idea that all 3rd party viewers were made by Linden Labs, Phil? Sure, some are heavily based on the V3 LGPL code base. But others much less so or not at all. Very highly inaccurate to say that third party viewers are just the LL viewer that has been "tweaked."
  10. Yes I have had it say a matter of days. Absolutely have. It wasn't really that long before I could log in, but that is definitely what the message said. It's really disconcerting at first because you're like "what, I can't log in for days??" but then try again in 10 or so minutes and it works.
  11. How do you know you were logged off by an administrator? You probably just crashed. This has happened to me lots, and yes fairly recently, so it is not a fixed issue. And I have gotten the same message that says "you can't log on until this time blah blah" but I have always been able to log in MUCH sooner than the time it gave. So first, getting that message does not mean you were banned. Unless you got an email about being banned, you almost certainly were not. I have gotten that message many times after a crash. just have to wait like ten minutes and try again. If you have waited and it hasn't been working, maybe your avatar is ghosted somewhere on the sim or something, but when this has happened to me I have always been able to log in fairly soon afterwards, long before that message says. And yes I realize this post is old and I'm sure the OP is back in now. But for others who get this message and are confused as I was the first few times I saw it as well. You are not banned.
  12. It is surprising how little some people know about how computer technology works even in this day and age. Rendering has nothing at all to do with Linden Labs Hardware. It really doesn't. It isn't a matter of opinion or something. It has nothing to do with it. It is all your computer. Software, on the other hand, does have something to do with it. If you're using the official LL viewer I guess you could blame LL a little bit for your troubles, although honestly the problem still probably lies mainly with your hardware. If you're using a 3rd party viewer, you have to blame whoever made that one.
  13. Oh that's easy. Make your rendering complexity lower.
  14. Related to this subject, there is a particular person who goes around putting up a "flipping the bird" hand icon on every bit of land that he can find that allows rezzing. It's an advertisement for a land company I think when you click on it. I see this thing all over the damn place on people's land who left rezzing on with no autoreturn.It's really an eyesore. It's not subtle, this shiny metallic gaudy thing all over the place. The first time I saw it was on my own land about 9 months ago, but I check my properties daily (most days anyway) and got rid of it quick. But now I see the thing all over the place. This is really the best argument for maintaining land that I can think of. Placing a house and living in it isn't as bad as this. This person is using people's land as his own free advertising space and placing this eyesore all over the grid to do it, and he's really thorough about it too. I see the thing all over the place. On another note just a month ago I had been away on a trip for a week. When I came back, I found a skybox rezzed far above my city. It was really elaborate what they had up there. They had actually joined my land group for renters so that they could rez it up there and have it stay. I thought it was pretty funny. Especially when one of them logged on into the house and after a minute of puttering around found themselves plummetting toward the earth when all the stuff was returned :-D
  15. Never fall in love. Yes, sometimes it works out, but more often it ends in heartbreak. It is too easy to imagine the other person to be someone he or she is not. FYP
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