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  1. I'm planning to get premium again and just wanted to know how often they come up for grabs before I do.
  2. So, I've tried every viewer I could think of that's currently functioning and I get the same result, (Yes, I've been doing clean installs as I change them out.) Nothing loads, my avatar doesn't load, my friends list doesn't load, I can't teleport anywhere else to even try and load, I can't even clear my avatar out and put on anything else because my inventory isn't loading either. Second Life worked fine for me a few days ago, and now this is happening. what could be causing this? I've been experiencing this issue for the last two days.
  3. What I bolded I whole heartedly agree with, five names to choose from would be a good move and maybe we'd get people using their brains a little more with username creativity. I think they'd do something like that or have it be Member.
  4. So.. What's gonna happen to the newbies if resident isn't available? I mean it is part of their username and as far as I can tell the system requires there to be a lastname.
  5. What positions are you hiring for exactly, or is it strictly a dance and escort club?
  6. I'm gonna shoot my shot and send in a application for my main account, I'd be interested in teaching RP basics and doing security. :3
  7. Well.. The goth is gonna sit in the back with some popcorn and watch the vampire and demon hash it out. In all reality, the goth is there for the chaos as usual.
  8. What happened to the last one? Pretty sure you made this post before.
  9. I will be horribly offended if you did that to me! I kidd. I kidd. Most of wouldn't be, I for one welcome it.
  10. Ehhh... I use to be a bronie myself a few years back, fell out of touch with it after an ex took to it. That ex and I... Let's just leave it at it was a abusive relationship where if something went wrong he took it out on me. Yes, I even had a pony sona. I was that deeply involved.
  11. You were asked it once though, but what a charming response regardless, I can't believe you don't have an SLjob by now with an attitude like that. Another thing you should take into consideration is a lot of people who are hiring are looking for people whose accounts are over a certain age in SL. if you're account is under thirty days old then you will not be considered for any position. We are trying to help you find something. Maybe consider searching inworld by typing HIRING into the search for places or even events.
  12. There.. Is a pony named that. So I can't say you're off on that.
  13. I think there are still active pony groups in SL. You'd have to search for them by their self-titled fandom name.. I think it use to begin with a B and end in ronies.
  14. Rather vauge... You may want to include the following if you want people to come; 1. Club Name and a SLURL to it. 2. Description of what kind of club you are hiring people for so you get who fits. 3. What you are intending on paying your potential employees as you claim to have them earning more than just their tips.
  15. Then have patience, casting a wide net is good but at the same time is also bad. It's like applying to six rl jobs and having them all want to hire you for same pay and such, you can't possibly work them all at the same time. And just like with RL, SL employers often have a large influx of applications to wade through before they get to yours.
  16. Not that I've been made aware of, I've had someone call me a narcissistic n to the zi once because I didn't agree with their politics. (Ortion debate. They didn't like I was for it.) And I think someone here called me one too for some reason, can't be bothered to remember why though. But I guess based off of two people that have only had little interaction with me makes me one, right? Ya know in spite of the fact that I think I'm average at best.
  17. What head are you using that has that nice little hud?
  18. When I perfect my fudge, I'll share the recipe.
  19. I actually have a lot of their stuff on my WL so I remember to check their shop out. Now I know I have to check it out to see if there is anything that isn't listed! Thanks
  20. Hi, I'm a furry in SL and I own a set of the apricot feety peets. My trouble is finding shoes for them, I found a few on the market place but I'm having trouble finding any in-world makers, could someone point me in the right direction?
  21. Put your cursor over the mini map and (if you have a mouse that has a wheel) wheel out or in till you're satisfied, if not left click it and hit zoom in or zoom out.
  22. Oh god, Six... I haven't thought about her in years. Pretty flexi and sculptie hair. Yeah. I wonder what she's up to, and if she stayed a she.
  23. I'm afraid of what they may do for fathers day.
  24. Wait, really? how did they get banned off of twitch?
  25. Not yet, my sense of style is a little... Odd to say the least, one day I'm dressed in full lolita gear and the next I'm dressed for a fancy night out. If it ever does happen though, i wouldn't bat an eye. Clearly they have decent taste in clothes, maybe I'll IM them and strike up a convo and hope I make a new friend.
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