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  1. I learned how to be a bit more charismatic and to accept who I am. Which I've always struggled with.
  2. I prefer BOM for skin related things (eyebrows, tattoos, and the skin itself of course.) as it tends to blend better than an applier does, (for humans anyways. Furries are another thing enterily as I don't see many BOM heads or mods.) I prefer appliers for things like eyes, make-up, and other non-skin related things. (I do use BOM eyebrows though, way easier than using an applier and having to mod it with the hud. Less lag for me too.) To each their own though, it is a little sad that some creators aren't offering appliers with their skins (and some make ups, ect).
  3. As long as the creator was able to or had the time/power to, they could bring in either their alts with active AOs or hire people to. I miss the shops that had active models in them, I like having a chance to know more about what I'm buying even if it's just copy/paste responses given to them by the maker.
  4. Yup! But I think they prefer being called living models, i know a few years back there was a skin dev who had models in their shop that were able to awnser questions about the skins. (It was nice. Something that I'd love to see brought back)
  5. If the timed demo means I get to actually see all of the outfit or item I want to buy, I'd be happy. It would give me a better idea of if it fits my general style without having to assume I'm getting what's being advertised, ads tend to use a lot of photoshop as a result you don't always get what you see. If it wasn't going to add lag to the store, I wouldn't mind seeing demos on what would essentially be dummy. There is a shop I knew of that did that with their products or they'd have it kinda hanging in place of where an ad would be. They'd have all points of view filled or s
  6. Hm... People who chew with their mouths open or talk with a mouth full of food, the talking bit makes them sound like they have a mouth full of D. My half "sister"... To put it short and sweet, Once she moves out, I will refuse her if she decides her relationship fails and she has to move back in. I've actually got into physical fights with her, she goes from being annoying to rage-inducing real quick.
  7. I'm binge watching Peaky Blinders ( again ) and trolling people on a random chat app till my phone dies.
  8. I live by fae law when it comes to talking about my RL. Keep it vauge, only give a half truth on what they've asked. It's a rule that I learned from a fantasy series that I love, it applies nicely to life. By half truth I mean only telling them the need to know. Example if I'm asked where I live I just tell them "In an eastern timezone."
  9. If you haven't upgraded the phone you use in awhile, that might be why. I use to have that issue myself, solved with a newer phone. ( Mine was on it's way out, it now serves as a remote for my chromecast.)
  10. I'm using my phone for the forums! If I type faster I'll make mistakes... Because my phone will autocorrect to the dumbest things. Also, You reminded me that I need to do a new pfp in-world, and shop a little to revive my inventory. I went on break shortly after my 2nd rez date anniversary.. And forgot I left my login info just a click in when I let my brother have my old laptop.. Edit: He deleted my entire inventory, a lot of which was 1-shot exclusives from events.
  11. ^ This too! Also damn you for beating me to replying.
  12. Community. Simple as that, All the sims I frequent are sex centered. But I have found friends in those places, removal of it means they'd probably leave too.
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