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  1. I'm afraid of what they may do for fathers day.
  2. Wait, really? how did they get banned off of twitch?
  3. Not yet, my sense of style is a little... Odd to say the least, one day I'm dressed in full lolita gear and the next I'm dressed for a fancy night out. If it ever does happen though, i wouldn't bat an eye. Clearly they have decent taste in clothes, maybe I'll IM them and strike up a convo and hope I make a new friend.
  4. Its a cute little gadget. You ever see that text above someones head that when you click their head it updates the text above it? That. Commonly seen in furry and anime related sims.
  5. I got the first dose of my vaccine today! ... then logged into second life to see my headpat counter reset itself from 315 down to 49, you can imagine as to how happy that makes me. ._, Three..hundred..and fifteen... gone because my vault didn't update properly.
  6. There are plenty of spaces but you may also find them in non-bdsm spaces as well if you simply mention it in your profile. I'm usually just chilling in the bdsm clubs, you can find them through typing in bdsm for places search and narrowing it to hang outs. Easy to do if you're using firestorm. Oh there is a place called House of V (if memory serves right. I've been in furry spaces more often so it's a little... Fuzzy *badumtiss*)
  7. Maybe running it in compatibility mode might work.
  8. Bath. Evening. I like having a way to unwind after a day of kicking buttocks and chewing gum.
  9. Grieve not the death but celebrate the life that was lived and the legacy left behind, for it's the memories that were made and the impressions that were left that will stay for a life time. Rest easy will a soul that's remembered fondly by those it touched. R.i.p.
  10. I'm gonna need an anti-spanker myself.. I wonder if there is one for the chest too... Walking around with a headpat sign and a counter would seem pretty weird outside of conventions and secondlife. (Conventions I go to anyways.)
  11. You'll get a lot of different answers to that question in particular as we all have different reasons for being here; Mine is that I'm agoraphobic and use it as a means of being able to socialize. Now. As for help for you? feel free to IM me in world and I can try to help you out, if I don't know it I can probably direct you to a youtube video.
  12. Someone in my d&d group uses heroforge to build our minis. I'm kinda surprised to see it mentioned here today.
  13. Depends on the larp. What I normally do for LARPs and have seen done is making a fist and placing it on your head then saying something. Some LARPs have specific things they do for going OOC written in their rules but that is usually the most common.
  14. How do you feel about goats?
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