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  1. You seem like a delight to talk to. Cattiness aside from me. I stopped caring if people talk to me or not, I come on for people I know. Maybe OP should take a page from my book.
  2. Aside from going to the group itself and unchecking the boxes for notifications? No, there isn't.
  3. I'm 30, I had an account back in.. 2004/2005? somewhere there. I use to be on the teengrid, left a few months after joining and came back when I was 19.
  4. I'd like to think i'm the same in either gender, but I could be very wrong too, I have no perspective but my own.
  5. I have premium, I missed a payment this month - I've gotten everything squared away right now just not paid, I figured that was going to be a thing when I changed the info. What's going to happen now? will I have to call billing and get this sorted out or will LL take a double payment next month for having missed this month? I've never missed a payment until recently
  6. Why isn't just reading their profile an option? Whenever someone IMs me, I read their profile first to see if there is anything there I can make a conversation out of
  7. I've done both of those and still nothing, The buy now button still stays grey even when I switch to another browser
  8. So, I have my billing info in, none of my other accounts are current premium users. When I go to upgrade and get to the payment option the button for buy now isn't appearing as blue to me or even clickable, anyone got a clue as to why?
  9. I just wander some sims naked, other sims I wear a one piece under as long as it doesn't interfere with the outfit.
  10. To be male every now and then so I can shop in peace Hide from people I don't want to talk to. And finally, roleplaying. I have three alts, this account that I'm on for the forums is actually one of my alts. My OG is an almost 11 year old account
  11. I know it's not great, but here's my male alt as he sits currently.
  12. When you first started SL, you had an idea of what it was going to be for you, have you strayed from what that idea was or do you still uphold it? When I joined SL (with the original account), I joined it with the idea of being able to socialize with people my own age since at the time I was home-schooled and had no one to talk to but people I met online. Then I abandoned SL for many years, lost the old account and made my main about ten years ago, Now? I still want to talk to people, but I also want to sit and play dress up in the style I can't afford RL since a lot of it requires knowing how to use a sewing machine.
  13. I started a male avatar on my main account, and lemme tell you... I'm having a hell of a time finding goth clothing that I like and isn't from one source. Can I get a little help in this department of finding shops that cater to the belleza jake owners? My current "main" outfit is entirely made from stuff from AsteroidBox & Toksik, not a bad thing but they are the only shops I have that I know does clothing for both. I have asked a friend of mine over Discord as to where he shops since his tastes are close to mine as well, but I want to see what you folks have for me to check out... and if you could include male hair shops too, I'd love you for the rest of my life. This is entirely new territory for me so I have no idea where to even begin.
  14. I joined (the first time) when I was a teenager, so roughly 17yrs ago. I was on the teen grid and thought it was fun but then some stuff happened and I left SL. I came back ten years ago when I remembered SL existed after being frustrated with IMVU and the inability to actually have fun with people and walk. pose-hopping can only be fun for so long before it's like a "yeahno." thing, well between that and having a relationship go sour after meeting the person RL but that's a story for another time. Right now my main SL account just kind of sits and chills, it serves as a pervy-deterrent when I want to just chill in adult sims.
  15. I'd trust the monster in both sl and rl. In rl, I know the monster is looking to tear me apart and have that be the end of me while a human is unpredictable as to what they want to do with or from me. In Sl, I know the monster is more willing to have a conversation than the human male that just IMd me, I know they will not shower me with compliments like a human male will or be mean if I reject their advances.
  16. I had someone rudely comment on my elf ears on the kaya head I use. Did I tell them off? I think I *might* have, I don't remember. I remember being annoyed hearings "I know of a doctor that'll fix those ears for you." Like, bruh. I like my ears. eff off. If anyone was to comment on the rest of my av, they'd just hear "Unless your going to sink the lindens into making me fit YOUR standards, I don't want to hear your so-called advice."
  17. I married one of my alts once because I had a guy saying "You've been here for x years, how are you not married?!" Like, bruh. Should of stayed married to said alt, I'm not here for dating; I just want friends and good times with said friends.
  18. .Doe. has a few styles that work alright. just requires a lot of demoing till you find what's right.
  19. Lelutka's Kaya head, the one that came out for Christmas las year.
  20. I'm looking for a hair base to go with this hair I picked up from .Doe. last weekend for the lel evo x head line, Anyone know where I can find one? this style gives off too much forehead without one. I have a temp one right now for it but it's split in the middle and doesn't make sense at all. (Hope it's okay to post the picture of the hair to better help this search)
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