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  1. I'm looking for the same things though I'm relatively new. Send me an IM?
  2. Strictly RP. Not looking for any kind of sexual gratification or anything, but we can be intimate if you like. I don't have a house or a job or even premium membership, but NOT looking to mooch so you don't have to either. 21/F (RL) looking for about the same age. Prefer scene/goth avvie, but not necessary. Not looking for anything specific in our relationship, just GFE I guess. A BFF w/ cuddles lol. Interested? IM me inworld: skullkid94 We can meet up and chat :)
  3. Looking for friends to hang out with, chat, and RP if you know any good ones. Add me if you play any Harry Potter Rps as well please! I have apps in for World of Hogwarts and MM.
  4. I guess that's a pretty good reason
  5. I would. I've been searching for a while. Why does this not already exist?
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