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  1. I also have an anime avatar that I would like to use more if I had someone to RP and hang out with as well IM me.
  2. It might be the same person re posting looking to be a maid
  3. I have a place that will suit your needs IM me I can always use a maid type
  4. Enough with the sugar daddies go strip!
  5. I have extra room in my house and can use the company. Im me
  6. That would be perfect. Female styled avatar is preferred.
  7. That would be perfect
  8. Looking for a French service maid with uniform to tend to my home. I am usually busy and dont have the time to keep my place as tidy as it should be. Duties would include basic chores and serving drinks when needed. I have a big place but its manageable for one. live-in, is a possibility. IM me for more details
  9. Relaxing on the boat under the stars
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