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  1. I am not a he i am a she and thank you for all the links i will check them later.
  2. I wanted to test something so can anyone tell me where new accounts hang out?
  3. Some of the darker places on SL may be real life lets say places to work. But I can tell you now and this will be the case if they are doing it in RL and useing SL for some hub online or a second play ground if they told you it choul be used on them in Court so no one will say a thing so its not worth asking.
  4. your jokeing me right. look around on say pornhub redtube even youtube if you look hard. (when i am telling you to check them i mean for SL sex) i even got bord and found sl porn. then come back and you will understand but it is a lot of roleplay and you need to understand how that works but this is also the wrong forum to ask this. https://lmddgtfy.net/?q=Second%20Life%20Porn%20PornHub
  5. I am looking to train a new sub or just a sub who wants an owner. I am not new unlike the profile says. I just want to have some fun i am bi and if any lucky woman want to take part let me know. Still Active. 8/20/2016 still active means till i remove active from this thread i am still looking for a sub or subs. still looking for more
  6. what Heart Brimmer wrote: I have been paying with a prepaid American Express for years and have had no problems whatsoever. To the OP, is this one you just bought without your name? if so, you will need to wait for the "real" card to arrive in the mail, it will have your name on it and you should be good after that. Usually takes about 2 weeks for the new card to arrive.
  7. Syo Emerald wrote: A prepaid card is usually not what LL considers as a proper credit card and most of them fail the moment the company tries to verifiy your payment info by making a test charge of 1$. it still says pending btw
  8. it is a master card pre payed so dose that matter and would calling the card company help any?
  9. I got a pre payed cradit yesterday so i can put L on my account to buy one of the hairs on sale. Now here is my problem I put the card in and it said it linked with my account. then i go to pay for 2.5kL and it keeps failing it has been about 7 hours from when i linked the card. what should I do and if i want to contact LL on email can i?
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