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  1. New club opening in January its a adult club no kids or childish looking avatars please we are willing to hire people new to second life as long as fast learners we will train for hostess f need training we are hiring hostess and host and D.J.'s and Dancer, some Escorts may freelance there but mostly we are fun place to bring at date or your wife or swingers or come single and meet someone have fun listening to verity of good music (dance, classic rock ,rock, pop, r&b, country) out vip's have full access to all our naughty rooms for one time fee of 50L but everyone is welcome at the main club and our huge pool area and beach we are nice good hearted place kinda like a family we are not stuck ups or bossy people will be fun work place please message me inworld weather im online or not will send application soon as can my name is (skymoonnwolf) i like to be called sky please message me if want talk about job i will also send you a link to club then so you can come look at and see whats done so far we are willing to help you with look or work with new people if fast learners for any job if we cant train know people who can and reason not puting club name on this is last time some one stole my name so will tell when you message me
  2. less there new item in middle of making club need finish opens July 5th and i got family reunion most of my inventory is not leting me wear put out or nothing need help so bad friend went on my account from her house and was able to to get to use m items but i cant
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