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  1. Update: Clearance price. Get it while you can!
  2. Update: I dropped the price to a clearance price. Grab it while you can! I'm not sure why but it's not letting me edit the original post so: THIS LAND HAS SOLD. THANKS!
  3. SLURL FOR THIS LAND: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fahzilla/231/15/62 Lovely little rectangle in the middle of green. Currently only one or two immediate neighbors. Located in MODERATE mainland. A good piece of land for a small storefront or house! Great for group land if you already have another 512 sqm parcel and want more. You can also buy it to rent it out to others! A skybox works great on this land. Price is currently 2000 L but I am very willing to negotiate. Land must go! Price is 500 L now. Hoping to sell quick. You can't get much better than
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