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  1. Yeah, that's why I'm unwilling to go in on a sim right now. I can afford a Homestead all on my own without issue, but a sim pushes the budget too much. I don't want to start something unless I know I don't rely on renters to make it work. I've seen too many sims assume they will get donations / renters that are reliable and long term enough to maintain the costs. Those sims almost always close after 1-2 months when the owner cannot afford to keep it going. Not to mention the hours spent chasing late payments, cleaning out rentals, handling issues, moderation...
  2. Still keeping an eye out for this. There is clearly a demand for it. I spoke to a lot of folks (some of you from this thread, hiii!) who want this, but ultimately it looks like running it on a Homestead (which is what is in my price range) isn't really ideal. Most were hoping for 400-500 prims per rental to decorate homes with which would make it hard to theme a Homestead with this. Still hit me up in world if you want this btw, I'm slowly building a contact list in case this shows up anywhere or some finances free up for a sim. (I'm unwilling to go in on the gamble that I get renters fast enough to cover tier, that lies the way of madness and a quickly closed sim)
  3. Hit me up in world. If it's not out there, I might as well look into what it will take to make it.
  4. This is exactly what I'm looking for and at this point I'm tempted to try and convince a friend with a homestead or sim to let me give it a try. I just don't want to deal with rental headaches...
  5. I had a chance to take a peek at this sim early this morning and I think that does sound like a cool idea so please understand I'm posting this because I want you to succeed in this. You really need to make that clear on the sim that your plan is something more urban fantasy, because looking at your sim and ads I would have no idea. That sort of idea is exactly what I asked for before, what sets you and your sim apart? You wanna wear that loud and proud! Also please know that how you advertise will be key in how people see you. Having someone spam several older threads looks bad-- especially because none of those older threads were asking for an urban fantasy setting. The other thing is please don't post implying it's not your sim when you're the primary contact someone sees when loading in. Your sim isn't what I'm looking for but it could be what others are, if they knew what it was.
  6. I figured the spam wouldn't lead me to what I wanted, haha. And yeah, I find most urban RP super boring. There something far more appealing about the idea of dealing with a stuffy town guard than modern cops or having fey problems rather than mafia crime. I wish I had the funds to run something like this, because I totally would.
  7. What makes your sim different / welcoming to fantasy RP that sets it apart from other urban sims?
  8. Ideally where you can rent homes/property? Thinking something like Fox Hollow, but with a medieval twist.
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