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  1. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/PH-8191-DEMO/15995143 it is a pink hutsler hair but when u go to her market it does not allwo u buy nothing but the demo is it a hair like it in secondlfie as i like the entire concept of the hair
  2. Yes I tried resizing trough menu fits also goes trough neck
  3. need help to resize a open collar boguht as it will not fit right round neck and i lwoered me neck thickness
  4. looking for rave outfits or clothes for sling physique avi and recently bought a new shape but can not figure out how to make it thicker in hips
  5. Yes I have slink hourglass i have a bought mesh head and mesh body as well but I can’t figure out how to make it thicker
  6. Anyone know of any places in secondlife with good female shapes as trying make thicker avi
  7. I might just have no luck as my computer keeps crashing white screen as well
  8. My avatar in world is white cloud and I can’t fix it as none my outfits able change to and my default avi will not load
  9. thanks everyone for ya helpful comments yea im try the shelter i guess or some places to me liking
  10. Anyone else here login to secondlife to make friends but find they can not communicate easily with em due to disorder or am I only one who feels like secondlife full of racial people I go out my way try find friends if possible and would like nothing more but to enjoy secondlife but each time I login seems be same results getting is it no decent people around anymore
  11. Yea I let stuff get to me easy anyways I got help on sl from someone who helpin me Learn collar commands and set it up seemed like nice guy we will see how it goes
  12. How do u even edit it or restrict stuff on collar itself as I have no klue what u mean
  13. I admit maybe accidentally clicked it but at time I also was doing group notices also I dont even know how set the collar up as this collar was gifted to me trough someone without instructions to it but yes I learned lesson and decided go on safe end from now on by not wearing it or using rlv anyways take care and thanks for help
  14. Thanks for adivce but im new to whole collar thing and not familiar with setup barely made it trough menu of open six collar anyways I do not always wear it just happned have it on today when thid happened
  15. Thanks for I fo I got out it by typing safeword red but im be sure try this too if happens again person was with at time tryed capture me on sex buffet sim aka sex sim ik odd
  16. I know not click yes no more on collar stuff lol lucky I had it set as im owner entire collar
  17. Idk if set one up is thing so do I just remove collar
  18. I have been captured by collar on secondlife at a sex sim and can not escape or take collar off unless someone knows way I can
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