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  1. It is a theme that is centuries old - are you familiar with the story from ancient Greece about a sculptor named Pygmalion? He created his dream girl, too - though in stone because computers had not been invented yet
  2. A couple weeks before the new houseboats came out, I tried abandoning my houseboat so my friend could get it. We were both waiting right there on the parcel and she refreshed the page repeatedly - for 45 minutes! After refreshing for 45 minutes she got a houseboat but it was not the one I abandoned, and someone else got the one I abandoned a few seconds earlier. I think it is very unpredictable
  3. A hint to RL females who want to try roleplaying with a male avatar but think they do not know how to act - find a RL male with a female avatar for a RP partner And don't try to hide your RL gender, there are guys playing girls that would love to find a girl playing a guy - and he could give you helpful hints! Example - "you don't have to know everything, just act like you do"
  4. More comments from someone who is part of a RL couple who are poly only in SL. We have three rules for SL - 1) no partnering with someone else, never let a person in SL become more important than our RL partner, 3) do not hide what we are doing. The third one could be wishful thinking on my part, but he finally understands that I am not bothered when I know he is pixel bumping with someone. What makes me upset is when I think he is hiding something. It helps to be open and accepting and not critical about what he may be doing. I joined SL so I could learn more and it has helped us to become closer because now he is not hiding part of himself from me. And I understand more about SL and it's appeal!
  5. I used to do that! Because then I didn't get upset when people thought I was a guy playing a girl But mostly I learned that it really doesn't matter - and to not get jealous of the the guys who are better at acting like girls than I am!
  6. This is what it is about for me - not intentionally deceiving people. It is fun to know that the cute little female is really a guy in RL who wants to be treated like a girl in SL. If anyone knows a gender swapping couple or knows/is a girl with a guy avi we would love to meet them inworld!
  7. That is being a jerk, regardless of gender! I am not interested in deceptions and making people feel humiliated - unless it is an agreed on RP But am more interested in the psychological aspects and finding our hidden shadows - being able to act in ways that we have been culturally conditioned to believe that are not appropriate for our gender. When using a male alt I am able to be more dominant and sexual than I ever could with my female avatar. Best of all, it helps me to understand better why guys like playing girls - it is not always just about the shoes and clothes, and hair and make-up....
  8. It is no big secret that many of the lovely ladies on SL are guys in real life - I knew that long before I had an SL account as my RL hubby has a female avatar! Recently I got myself a male avatar (on another account) and it has been way more fun than I imagined it could be! Possibly because I have a fun RP baby doll who helps me to feel like a real man Mostly with over the top, politically incorrect gender stereotypes - but it is lots of fun! Wondering if there are others out there who are female in RL and male in SL and any ideas of places to go to meet other gender swapping couples.
  9. When I first joined SL it was to explore my submissive side, but found most 'doms' were really not to my liking. There were some interesting conversations with guys I met at the Open Collar sim, but nothing ever went much beyond conversations. I may have been too honest about my RL I learned the most from another sub who had experience in SL and RL, or so she claimed. Best to chat a lot and stay away from anyone who wants to put a collar on you right away, or pressures you to voice or cam.
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