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  1. 30000 prim full region private island (not connected to the mainland) selling for 325.00 plus the transfer fee please IM me inworld ladyrijna.........
  2. I have a private island for sale, 30000 prim. If you wouldn't mind paying the 325.00 tier I owe and the 100.00 transfer fee. I would be willing to sell it to you. Please message me inworld. Ladyrijna I would need a few days to get moved off the parcel.........thank you
  3. Also, overall cost for daily care of funsies is much higher.
  4. I too would recommend Zooby as I also am a parent of both. The clothier kit also got me. Paid for it realized it didn't have the scripts in it to make the clothing, just some textures and a whole list of requirements you had to meet in order for the creator to personally hand pick whom she wanted as a clothier. I ask for my money back as Gaultry Blackburn said above it was very misleading and cost 5000L. I was blattonly told there are no refunds at funsies hun. So ultimately after conforming to all the rules to get approved and was still denied the downloader, I made a complaint to Linden Labs and was banned from funsies. Now with two children I had purchased from their store and was told I should have thought about my "attitude" before by the creator, it is not her problem. I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone.
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