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  1. I put in an application for being a host but am also looking into DJing again like I used to on OpenSim grids. I just need a refresher on a couple things but other than that I'm eager to get into DJing, too. I'll be online a ton this week if you're interested in chatting.
  2. I'm newer to Second Life but I love making friends. Gay male here and a big fan of video games as well as vodka.
  3. I used to DJ in OpenSim, so I have some knowledge on how to DJ in virtual worlds. But need some refreshing! What software do most use for streaming music? Where do you all get your servers? Do people usually talk on air in their events in SL like in OpenSim? Do many people use stage names? I apologize if this is the wrong category.
  4. I've been so busy with real life. Going back into Second Life again today. If someone could help me get my avatar put together, that'd be great! Next step, getting into DJing and event hosting. Feel free to add me in-world...and to add to my original post, I'm no longer a single gay male from Metro Detroit.
  5. I don't really understand the step-by-step process of applying and using a mesh avatar, a skin, and a mesh head. I currently have a mesh head. I also have a mesh body with the skins that came with it in the purchase I made. I'm unable to get my head to match the body, skin wise. I went through the instructions both provided, but didn't work. I think I'm not understanding the process. I apologize if this is supposed to be in a different category. If someone can reach out to me, that'd be great!
  6. Thank you for the tip! I do want to get into DJing and events so I hope some more people can come why to get me going. Ooh! We can kiki later.
  7. Hi everyone! I'm Calum Ashby. I've been off and on Second Life for awhile, trying to get my feet wet. I've actually played around on OpenSim and non-grid oriented worlds for about 10 years now. I've even gone as far as working for a couple directly. Anyways, I'm having trouble getting immersed. I have a friend that's trying to show me the ropes of how to use the tools in the game to customize my avatar and go shopping; and so far it's a bit overwhelming as there's so many options and terms that I don't know yet. I also would love to get some assistance in getting into events. I used to be
  8. So I've decided to give Second Life yet another go. I've been in virtual worlds and opensim communities in the past *before* venturing into Second Life. I'm excited to make some new friends and connections to help kindle some interest in this world that I'm fascinated by. Some background info about me..hmm..I'm 21 years old and my name's Evan. You can call me Evan or Calum, whichever you prefer. I'm from Michigan and I'm a full-time college student studying Marketing. I enjoy DJing and event hosting in virtual worlds. I spend a lot of time on Facebook and other social media platforms so I'm de
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