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  1. We currently have a number of posts vacant but we particularly seek people to fill the roles of District Attorney & Court Clerk. The role of DA, like all of the roles in Magister Estates will be played out as realistically as SL will allow so the DA will be responsible for the successful prosecution of offenders at all levels. The successful candidate for this post will be dynamic and enthusiastic and may or may not have past experience in the legal field in either SL or RL. The Clerk of the Northern Counties Supreme Court performs a myriad of detailed responsib
  2. we have a number of vacancies for both full and part time employees. All of the full time posts carry some form of remuneration. Check out the job pages on our website https://www.magisterestates.com/job-v
  3. As General Manager of Magister Estates Role Play Community I would like welcome you to the world of realistic role play. If you wish to contact Magister Estates IM bisteph or Email stephsmith@magisterestates.com You could also visit our website http://magisterestates.com
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