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  1. Would you also be interested in a weddign filmer? Heres some of my work.
  2. Hello, my name is Loe. I really would love to start my filming career here on second life. But I need some people to want to hire me. Currently I have two upcoming gigs. I will put my work below. Also, I would love to try the modeling industry. I have a mesh body so I don't look terrible with modeling. Just message me inworld @ LoeeLoee
  3. When you say voice talent, do you mean singers ?
  4. Hey guys, I am a imvu/second life youtuber. I make music videos and I really want to film events,movies,series,weddings, music videos etc for you. If you are looking then come my way:) Just IM me in world @LoeeLoee I charge 3-5k. ; ) I'll leave some of my work below.
  5. Im interested in being a host. I do currently have a host job. But only on saturdays. My contact on sl is LoeeLoee.
  6. Hey, I am a youtube filmer for imvu and second life. If anyone needs someone to film and edit for them, then let me know. Contact me on sl @LoeeLoee : ) Im friendly. I will put some sample videos on here too.
  7. I'm actually looking for a job currently. Im pretty new on here too, so, I don't have a whole lot of experience.
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