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  1. My co-owner and I have had enough of second life so we are selling up- Yes the club is doing well so leaving is for personal reasons. We have a responsibility to keep staff employed though the club is turning a profit through Adboards and Tips. We have a 400 - 500USD Profit Margin and your rent is covered by 100 US dollars a month income of adboards You will not make a loss on this place. We are searching for someone to Carry on what we have started You will inherit a Huge paying customer base spreadsheet, ASD Webtools account, an account with all the building objects with enough items to build more than 1 club! Someone needs to make us a sensible offer to help us keep the staff employed Offers to TJFSerenity Resident or Cammie.Core If this is in the wrong forum I apologise to the moderator and please move it where you think it needs to be but I think it goes her are this is protecting inworld employment
  2. Hosts and Dancers wanted @ Double Infinity! Come and join the classiest new team in SL by working at our established club regular guests and visitors. don't forget to bring some friends of your own too! We have Regular DJ's and a great community Applications available for jobs too
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