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  1. Ive scripted a small missile system that uses a hud to send a selected avatar key using llRegionSay to a mech. There is a relay script inside the mech that listens and sends the avatar key to the mechs linkset and that in return is picked up by the script that rezzes the small missile. The script that rezzes the missile sends the avatar key to region using llRegionSay. It all works like it should but my issue comes when I fire the missile a second time. The missile rezzing script doesn't remember the avatar key to send it to the region again so the missile can lock on to same avatar or object. My question is how can I get the missile rezzing script to remember the avatar key every time I click fire from my hud until I issues a reset command which resets the script? Few things ive considered was inside of my hud sending the avatar key every time i click fire or maybe putting my missile rezzing script on a looping timer. I think the best way to go about this is to either A have the hud send the command and avatar key every time I click fire or somehow have the missile rezzing script itself member the avatar key. Im using a string to send the commands and the avatar key. Thank you
  2. Ive been scripting a lift within a linkset as a child prim and I have the lift itself working where it goes up and down. Im wondering how I should go about having the agent(avatar) sitting on the linkset to move with the lift (child prim). I know I could make my own animation that simply has an offset when it plays but that is just some kinda hack or go around the problem. I know its possible dont know how exactly. Ive looked and asked around and there isn't anything to move an agent like it would be for a child prim so it require more scripting to accomplished this. Not asking people to make a script for me but I guess some tips on how to go about it if thats how I should say that. XD Thank you for your help.
  3. Thanks for your inputs, I understand so there isnt any command as such like I thought >_< I could do the prim where it moves to the location of the doors opening but to me i think that would be little to much as this is a spaceship its being used on with tight quarters and all. Person walks through one door then a second later walking to the hangar etc. We did go with the other approach of having a slave script. It listens to a string from the controller script using link_message for the sound UUID and plays that sound when the door opens. To my amazement its fairly low impact. So thats a plus! ^^ The controller script has all the code to open each door and the sound. Slave scripts are literally just 14 lines of sound listen and play. Arigato to both of you for answering.
  4. I build spaceship meshes and Ive made an interior kit for the ship with doors and all. On all of the doors I use a main controller script in the root prim that uses Fast Pramerters and the description and name of the child prims inside the linkset. So ONLY the door meshes are named Door will open or close if touched in the linkset. How ever I ran into an issue thinking of a way to play a single door sound from the root prim to the child prims. I dont want to have to put a single script inside each door 16 in total to play sound when the doors are touched and open. So im wondering if there is a way to do this? My scripter tells me there isnt such a command but ive been looking into it and just curios if there was any way of doing it. I want the sound to play local from the door it self NOT the root prim, because honestly that kinda ruins the immersion of the ship if i open a door and the sound plays in the back of the ship where the root is. Thanks
  5. So Many sims in SL even most are popular do star wars theme and non have been sued yet (that i know of) for over the so many years in SL... Anyways is this Sim a pure star wars sim where less say a group of mercs who have this type of tech is allowed or not? The vics to the right 2 of them are Strykers https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stryker If these would be allowed. Yes the bodys are modern ish but there adapted for SL scifi.
  6. Ive look at well over 20-ish something sims for scifi Rp and i cant find anything this is still alive, open and thriving. Most of the sims i find are either dead or just a sim i cant Rp on based upon my set standards. I Rp at Araxes, Botoany Bay, and few others that are open and im able to Rp my character ive been Rping for years. Im looking for a Scifi based sim that allows the following: 1. Open Scifi Rp (By open i mean able to see trek, Halo, and Star wars person rping toghter for example. Dosent even half to be that way as long im able to Rp my character mostly there.) 2. Able to rez ships or items on the sim temp for Rp 3. Rpers arnt bakkas and rp decently at least 4. Has to allow anime...Well Avatar 2.0 look/body Utilizator sells or Rikugou on "X" sim 5. I dont want to fit into a story and a specific role. -needs to be open- 6. No sim that is scifi Rp that is pure sex basicly 7. The community has to be nice and not bakkas again and the admins could care less of who ever comes there. ...thats pretty much my main concerns that most sims ive found are just eh. Dont get me wrong alot sims ive visited are great! but there not for me. I my self would like to Rp warping out of Fluid warp to scan a colony or some planet or scifi like stuff and land on the planet get out of my ship or land at a space station and RP having good time. I would like to Rp being hired as security or just to deliver supplies to who ever. Even thoe i come from a Merc group i myself dont rp as one unless in the group Rps. When im out by my self i just try to Rp as space explorer really. Making a story that goes with it. If anyone knows of any Scifi sims that are opening up in 2018 please send me an IM inworld or a NC to Stellar(TailBlue) Thanks, Stellar
  7. Are there any Open based Sci Fi Roleplay sims out there? After all my time searching and looking it seems to be none out there that serve good Rp and the ones i do find are so dead there isnt any worth Rping on them or they are closing like the current one just closed and the other 2 i use to Rp on. Ive been searching and still am and my friends and my group are looking for Rp. Thanks Stellar ~
  8. Its come to my attention for long while now that there are alot sims that mention "this" or "that" and yet they ban it on there sims. Like few scifi Rp sims ive been to (i wont name any) but they mention how they have for example: Gits (Ghost in the Shell) in the description of the sim and other areas ect making alot people like Yea i know Ghost in the shell and so on making them even more interested of the sim but then when they get there they get slapped with the rules of "No Anime" ect. Now there are different looks and styles of "Anime" in Second Life...and then people who come there as anime fans with there avis looking close to anime usually using Utilizators Avatar 2.0 or some other form of anime style avi. Now keep in mind the differences in anime avis and designs of how they look. Im only curious about this just wondering what makes Rp sims ban anime human looking avis that one could points facts out that isnt anime and is anime, but they want people Rping there with the linden labs type of avi look. Ive had people tell me that it messes up the lore and feel of the Rp sim which is true. But when it comes to an avi that can be classified as non-anime and anime borderline just becomes a talk of the persons thinking of it and how they see it. Id like your thoughts on this type of thing.
  9. I have been in RP groups few different Star wars and actual Halo based UNSC group but yea...the leaders were doing bad things and so on which made the groups fall...DON'T let this get you down its only what ive been in but there are actually quite a bunch of Star war based sims which most are only star wars based lore which are really good and some not so much. >< UNSC type Halo sims i haven't found any of them yet but there is probably one or two out there. With Star Trek there is ALOT of that type of RP in SL which seems to one of the most popular based rps on SL. Alot these sims thoe is only that based set lore upon some show/game/book...which is nice and all but as for me i feel its to restricting at times.
  10. You are very right about this stuff. Most cyber-tech scifi sims Ive been to like so are all adult other then the M-rated one i went to (Araxes) -which isn't really cyber-punk more of an desert world with scifi and space RP. I'm in an Merc group that has so many different sections we could and not all everyone even likes it cause you rp the correct way...i mean less say you have colony police and they have...maybe 6 members who don't even know how to do fire and rescue ops and building is on fire with people inside due to a bomb being rped going off. Most would respond to that as less try get the people out and do rookie mistakes...when in truth that scene would need people to section off the area, role in fire trucks and equipment, have an bomb disposal unit ready with drone/robot go inside and check it out...ect but after you do all that and go in get them ect its all over with have people griping OOC that you took there spot light when the colonly asked to hire you as military protection XP
  11. Should check out all Ravix, Sim name is Alegranza. Its colonly based with furries of all kinds others. Ravix is set in the future where magic and scifi tech exist toghter. Adult RolePlay sim. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Alegranza/129/134/4026
  12. Thanks ^^ Ive been wanting to know what people out there like as ive seen so many different types of RP sims and Scifi. The types im interested in is dystopian cites, cyberpunk, and space. What i imaging is a place where you have mercs hired by the goverment to protect the starport and other vitial area. Enforce the laws and take on other contracts for whatever. A main government over planet(s) where space stations are in orbit taking on trade, mining, security, and more. Ships coming in from orbit at the local starport getting checked by security. Politics going on in the city over major topics of the planet(s), trade, fractions, ect. People driving aorund in the city going shoping or even out to the bar to relax. Possibly even rebels in the underground tunnels doing there planning and dirty work. Planet that also has moon or two with mining or outpost on them getting attacked by pirates or even the local trade lanes. Then people being sent to the medical buildings getting treated in the city. Thats what i personally like even thoe im usual in space at Scifi sim(s) with my ships waiting for Rp to happen or make Rp.
  13. Im interested in knowing what kind of SCI-FI Roleplay sim would you want. Maybe some kinda action packed scifi city full of places to go and things to do? Maybe outer space filled asteroids and a desert, ice, tropical, or even forest type planet with aliens doing random attacks, politics on the planet, miners mining the asteroid belt. Or even possibly some pirate attacks, or even mercs being hired to take out target .Maybe even a corrupted government? What do you want in a scifi sim? What would you like to see there? What would you want to do there? Id like to know your thoughts.
  14. Any Avi is allowed. Dosent need to be an anime avi to play and yes im sure there will be organised events.
  15. No, Any avi is allowed and please keep your body covered being an Mature rated sim.
  16. Announcing the Flying Circus Combat League! A new and exciting SL sport. Inspired by a recent Anime series called Aokanta: Four Rhythm Across the Blue which is a story about the invention of shoes that enable people to fly (just like SL) and the sport that develops from this technology called Flying Circus. Come see the course, join the group and become a FCCL Flier. Info below- -Contact for info: Queen Nakajima secondlife:///app/agent/dc687756-7327-4026-b762-5b6769e0caec/about -Group URL: secondlife:///app/group/347dd4e2-9e67-d0fa-5698-6e55a2a4aa03/about -FCCL course location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Herzogtum%20Zentral/28/15/3931
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