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  1. ChinRey wrote: irihapeti wrote: 3) a free Sansar bear Or even better: free Sansar beer! Or even better: 3 free Sansar beers ***Call me whatever you like, I am not listening
  2. Sassy Romano wrote: CheriColette wrote: ....just go 50/50 Sassy. One with chocolate up, the next with it down. That doesn't help, what should I end on? chocolate up or down? I've had this argument over and over with people, those who argue chocolate should hit the tongue first to taste it properly vs balancing the taste of chocolate with the lesser taste of the biscuit base. It's not simple this eating a choccie bickie. The answer is obvious. Eat two at a time. Best of all worlds. ***Call me Sir Baritic
  3. Arkady Arkright wrote: Real Men use dock leaves. Surely that's what sailors do? ***Call me when you have remembered what bears do
  4. Ellen Deka wrote: What else can we do now ? Quit SL ***Call me direct
  5. LaskyaClaren wrote: See Maddy's suggestion, above, about being able to prevent people from logging out, Can we extend this to include also certain select forum posters? They can't even prevent them from logging in! ***Call me Sir B'versive
  6. Dresden wrote: immortal420 wrote: TBD means "To Be Decided". Thank you 420, I'm sure Zoe would appreciate this if they were still around. ...Dres (Or at least the irony of it.) Perhaps 420 should look up what zoetic means? ***Call me if you would like to contact Zoe; we are members of the same anti-social network
  7. Perhaps you could use the same techniques to label paint drying, or grass growing? ***Call me if you find something interesting to watch
  8. Darrius Gothly wrote: Regardless of who put the key in the ignition, who fired up tthe engine or who put it in gear, he's the one at the wheel now. Any deviation into ditches, potholes or off cliffs won't blow back to the key guy, the engine guy or the gear guy. So yeah .. it's Ebbe's Project .. now. Which means that Sansar is going to be what Second Life would have been if Microsoft had developed it. A bit like Vizact 2000 was the new Internet Explorer ***Call me if it EVER gets delivered
  9. Yet another excellent reason not to make any friends. ***Call me, and you will get my answerphone
  10. . . . Aftar Life (currently, and for the prospective future, known informally as InLimbo) It will not have avatars, but aftarars, or SOuLs (standing for S*** OUt of Luck) and will have multiple types of users, classified by beliefs, reflecting in the way in which current users of SL have been taken in by the promises of the current management: NAAAists believe that there is No Aftarlife At All. They have no effect in death beyond lowering the entrance rate. AAAAists believe that there is Absolutely Always An Aftarlife; every incoming SOuL is an AAAAist. HAHAists believe that Heaven And Hell Await; that is, that they will go to both Heaven and Hell to be rewarded and punished. HOHOists believe that SOuLs will go to Heaven Or Hell Only, and not both. OCRAists believe that Only Cloud Realms Await; these SOuLs believe only in Heaven and not in Hell. OPRAists believe that Only Pit Realms Await—they do not believe in Heaven, only Hell. This is, understandably, the least popular tenet. SUMAists believe that SOuLs Undergo Multiple Aftarlives. These SOuLs believe that, depending on where they are going, they will either be rewarded for all the virtues or punished for all the sins at some point (or possibly both, if they are also HAHAists). SUSAists believe that SOuLs Undergo Singular Aftarlives. These SOuLs believe that they will be punished or rewarded for only a single sin or virtue. ALFists believe that the Aftarlife Lasts Forever, and that SOuLs are never reincarnated. RALFists believe that Reincarnation Always Loops Fate; that after SOuLs have received their final reward or punishment, they will be sent back to the Planet to try again. ***Call me if it ever appears; I am dying to see it
  11. Tolja! ***Call me when you have worked out that "customer service" is an oxymoron
  12. LiquidZod wrote: it doesnt work. That's because LL is punishing you for asking questions in the wrong forum. ***Call me when you have posted your problem in the Answers section
  13. irihapeti wrote: sorry you cant have that name. Is the name of a sheep i think. Or maybe a woolly jumper You are thinking of the hybrid offspring of a kangaroo and a sheep. ***Call it a kabaalamb and make it sound mysterious
  14. irihapeti wrote is the same the Tor network. If use it to hide your porns from your Mum or Dad then ok. Best not to bet your life on it tho I am happy to; the American authorities pretended they had cracked it to break The SIlk Road, but it was actually down to pretty simple traffic analysis from GCHQ after the idiot posted "How do I hide my drug dealing from the police" on an open forum. ***call me when you think LL would have a chance of detecting TOR users
  15. irihapeti wrote: i dont care about any of this +1 ***Call me, Prok, when you have something interesting to say
  16. CheriColette wrote: Pizza is my thing. I love fish&chips but baulk at all the fat, and yes...nice bread and butter to go with the chips and maybe a pineapple fritter for afters. I like 'woodfired' pizza best, (or home made ones if I have the base already in the freezer) a nice bottle of white wine and a sunset. Would that be a Tequila Sunset? ***Call your order in now, but don't forget to specify your pizza toppings
  17. Have you tried combing it over? ***Call me a demon barber
  18. Spoilsport! ***Call me reckless, but I think you should throw the party anyway, and damn the consequences!
  19. No, it's not a typo, nor a semi-literate error. Since my cook and butler get Friday night off, I usually pop to the local chippie to break my non-fried-food-diet with some battered cod, twice-fried chips (that's English for fries, you descendants of desperate, homeless, banished, exiled, displaced or expatriated vassals, the religiously persecuted, and deported criminals) a saveloy and mushy peas, with sliced white bread slathered in salty full-fat butter. I wash it down with a few Dark and Stormies, which cut through the essential vinegar. What do you treat yourself to at the end of the working week, perhaps while the nutrition police are out patrolling the bars to prevent mass post-last-orders evacuation to the curry shops? ***Call me Sir Baritic, and say it fast
  20. 323starlight wrote: I get the feeling you're mocking me. Don't take it personally. ***Call me Evan Handid
  21. KarenMichelle Lane wrote: So what is the risk? None really unless you distrust LL staff Massive risk then! ***Call me a pessimist, because that is what an optimist calls a realist.
  22. Heart Brimmer wrote: There is no limit. Buy lindens, and go to your friend's profile, click on pay and type in the amount and hit send. Have both acounts suspended by LL for months while they investigate suspected money laundering. FIFY! ***Call me if you want advice on how to get around the problem
  23. I have found that offering guests lots of free food, booze and drugs helps, plus a dozen or so professional ladies chained to the beds upstairs. I am not sure what you would do in Second Life though. ***Call me an animal lover, although I don't like animals
  24. Rimlok wrote: ^ Not sure why i didn't think to take off the hair. You obviously had a lot on your mind. Rimlok wrote: the hair had a little over 200 scripts running. A lot. ***Call me if you are tired, which isn't surprising as you have been running through my mind
  25. KillerMunchies wrote: it's like to have to put leggos together, jesus. And that is work for pre-schoolers. Some of whom can spell Lego. ***Call me when you have grown up
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