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  1. The whole lesson of life is to learn how to love. Every cycle of dissatisfaction, discord and disunity perpetuates itself until we do.
  2. I personally commend you for seeking a heterosexual man who would never compromise their manhood. Good for you.
  3. Sounds entirely RICable, doesn't seem to have any value here and can't imagine there's much sanity involved in 'discussing'. My approach to this thread: Been careful to avoid providing useful help in GD since I've heard this being a thing. Mostly. If there's a bettter solution I'm paying attention, but largely got nothing to add. GD is as GD does. It's a subject very much discussed in the medical community, and there are many people here on Second Life who are medical practicioners. I was just relating to the assumption some people may have to this being an open speech envioronment, it is not. General Discussion apparently means ONLY Second Life related topics.
  4. The objective of banning is so that the infractions will stop, or that's at least the objective until the a-holes make another account. Hopefully they Ban via IP address. There are a number of offenses that should result in an immediate ban, such as Fraud actvities, and pedophilia perverts stalking kids. The best solution for those who don't understand RULES and subsequent consequences for breaking such rules, should find another 3D social envioronment where they can practice their style of nihilistic fun regardless of who gets hurt.
  5. Seeking dance partner for weekend excursions at clubs for virtual self-expression. Prefer a straight woman of color, between the ages of 35 to 55 who is intelligent, sensible and down to earth. Please be willing to prove gender status via voice chat. (A great sense of humor would be a plus) Thanks for reading. 
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