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  1. its $5L a week for the rental boards, free clown gear you can set your own prices keep the money they make no tip outs to the club and advertise in our group
  2. ♥Clown Escorts♥ If you wish to be a AFK Clown Escort please Join the Group & drop a Notecard in the giant Red Mailbox on the wall with your SL username. A manager will contact you within 24 hours. and give you the proper group tag and wearable tip jar. 1) You must be dressed as a Clown, Jester or Mime and nude or semi nude. This means face paint, colorful hair, silly shoes, hats, etc. You can use your own accessories or take our FREE Clown accessories located on the wall of the main lobby. If you do not wear Clown attire you will be asked to leave. 2) Girls, Guys, Furries, A
  3. Come one Come all to the Amazing Clowning Around Spectacular! Hangout and Meet New Friends in Our Unique Clown Themed Play House. We Provide Free Clown Costumes and Makeup plus hosting dozens of entertaining games, rides and events. Cut a rug with us at our Dance club or Relax and Lounge around the Pools at this Exclusive Auguste Resort. TP point below http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Aphrodisia/133/40/27
  4. Hi sorry yes im in CST time zone and what i mean by weird times is just as i say most days i got to sleep and wake up at different times, never the same time really. Sometimes i sleep at 5am others at 11am others at 10pm lol
  5. So to start i sleep and wake up at different times due to anxiety and insomnia keeping me up, and with that out of the way. Im Rushian/Damien whichever name is fine lol love anime video games and photography. In Sl i love talking, shopping, gachas and just standing around talking to friends lol. Am 30 irl and a male, just looking for good friends and a best friend, similar interests are cool but not needed. Some games i play are smite, assassins creed odyssey, the yakuza series, and fallout 76 when it comes out. Games in SL include greedy, simopoly, triumph and life If you
  6. Hi im Damien from texas im 30 and always up for talking to anyone, and yeah guess im lonely haha
  7. Sorry if i didnt add anyone had a lot of rl health issues come up, im back now and hoping i can find some good friends
  8. Haha, well im not looking for anything irl either
  9. *teleports behind you* "Nothing personnel kid"
  10. Ill be your friend im always looking for good friends
  11. Hi all im Damien and im looking for an SL girlfriend, a little about me im just a regular guy really love playing greedy, going bowling and exploring. Im a very talkative person and i love to make new friends and have conversations. Im 30 and im not a shallow guy just want someone who is nice and sincere, i prefer to take things slow so i can get to know someone fully. You can message me on here or in sl at DamienDokudo, hope to meet someone nice
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