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  1. Anyone else having problems buying lindens???
  2. /me needs to see if i remember how to drive a real car and go to the grocery store for ice cream~
  3. /me likes your original idea about being patient and getting something to eat....... OKAY i've been patient and my food is now digesting! GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD...... I have Kittens to sell, and Fairies to feed..... this is important stuff people... come on.....
  4. How many of us are PREMIUM MEMBERS who should have access to direct online help????????? HMMMMMMM????? I can't get in~
  5. Either that or "HOME"......
  6. LINDEN LABS SHOULD make it possible to be able to send messages from out dashboards when there is a problem like this and we have people inworld!
  7. YUP! That's the one~ i concur...... Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  8. It just makes me realize how much i really DO live there.. thats my RL~ LOL
  9. When i login to SL, not the game but online.. i can see my friends still logged in on my dashboard~
  10. I also tried through the browser CATZNIP with no luck......
  11. Still no luck... I live there... come on..... let me in~ arrrrgggg
  12. I was hired to build a waterpark that was used as a 3D presentation in RL. They are abandoning the land. When im not certain. It is a MOST wonderful park. I hate to see it disappear. Those who have been there have absolutely loved it. My problem is financial as most peoples problems are. I need help. I'd be part of the deal. If you want this park and purchase the sim.. you get everything including myself to manage the park itself. We can discuss in more detail.. I'm desperate. When you see it you will know why. It can make someone alot of money~ It truly is most amazing~ Thank you, cricketchirp resident
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