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  1. Looking for someone wanting to RP a Werewolf Alpha. If you're interested please I.M. me in-world! Thanks a bunch Elanna (Madelynie Resident)
  2. Amite Falls is a new SIM being put together. It's post apoc/urban fantasy themed. We're still looking for key roles to fill as well. If you're interested just send me an IM. Elanna (Madelynie Resident)
  3. **2nd Update These are unpaid/volunteer Roleplay positions. The most I would be able to offer is living above or inside your faction headquarters with minimal prim allowance.
  4. *Update* We've gotten the build further along so we can start giving tours to people contemplating lead position roles of their faction's location. Some positions have been filled already. But those that are still available are: Wolf Alpha, Human Lead, & Fae King or Queen. If you're interested send me a message in-world and I'll get you tp'd over! Thanks! Elanna (Madelynie Resident) Below is a sneaky peak of the upcoming Amite Falls
  5. Amite Falls is a post-apocolyptic, fantasy themed, dark roleplay sim coming soon. In-Depth Lore : https://thistlereality2.wixsite.com/amitefalls/about The build is underway and will be near completion hopefully with-in the next couple days. Our current scheduled opening is set for no later than June 25th. We are looking for like minded individuals for staff positions to help with keeping the story flowing, taking part in sim events, and managing racial factions. Available Positions: Racial Factions in need: Werewolf Witch Fae Humans The faction lea
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