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  1. I want them to appear in the Skies drop down list. Also, when I run an Imported WL from Settings it races through a day cycle then reverts back to the current Environment. How do I stop that?
  2. I tried all these things and I still have the same problem. The "Animate Avatar" window pops up for a split second then disappears.
  3. I was playing with an animation built into an object. Now my default walk is a crouch and I cannot figure out how to fix the problem. I have this probem with and without AOs. And its overriding all stand and walk animations. Logging in and out doesnt help. Stopping Anumations and Revlokng Permissions doesnt help. Please help!!!
  4. My neighbor has a griefing-type object that is intruding on my land. I have asked that it be removed but have not received a response. Is there any way to force it off my property? If not what is my best course of action?
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