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  1. about a week ago I bought linden dollars using the best buy option, they still have not reflected on my account. What do I do?
  2. HI! I am trying to make a TF2 pyro themed outfit for my Kemono, but I am having trouble. I do not want to get the human legs for the kemono, and there are so little choices of footwear for the animal legs. I was hoping someone could show me a pair of rainboots that could fit over pants without clipping? Thanks. Contact me on SL, username HazyMaze
  3. LOOKING FOR: Some god damned tall kneehigh rainboots for the Kemono animal legs that can fit over pants and not have them clip into them for a Pyro outfit. Extra points if they are editable. Tips $L available for fruitful help. Please contact HazyMaze on SL.
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