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  1. I dunno I kinda doubt this maker whould come off such expensive mocap animatins, but I can try. Getting an empty version of the bed that fits this particular style room may be easier, though I don't want to insult the maker. Know of any place to get mocap bed animations?
  2. So, I've seen that you can hide a bed within a bed (or couch within a couch, w/e). I have a bed I just love but the animations are dated and I'd like to try to hide another bed on top of it. Can I just clear out all the animations from the visible bed, make the animations bed transparent, lay it over it, and that's it? It can't be that simple...right?
  3. i took the head alpha off and its still that way...
  4. it may be the BOM thing.. is there a way to revert it without replacing it? What do you mean alpha'd my scalp? how? Also, .. I'm totally new to BOM and was just playing around when I applied it, are you not supposed to use alphas with it?
  5. All my hair's are all of a sudden doing this. ALL of them! (DOUX IS NOT BAD, I LOVE DOUX!) Please help! When I change my head size the hair just changes along with it. 🤨 Any ideas?
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