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  1. the issue is pretty much indiscriminate and affects any bump maps, even in just-bought items I haven't edited yet, and I personally find that bump maps I add myself are visible for a longer duration than those whose textures I don't have in my inventory
  2. I noticed something with a lot of my wearable items that have pronounced bump maps(such as a lace dress and a mermaid tail) whenever I exit from the build/edit mode, the bump maps just disappear in like 2 seconds(until I re-enter build mode) i take a lot of photography and that is really causing me problems with it, it has never been an issue before. is there a way to fix it?
  3. it's not that I just cancelled it and called it a day. I bought a similar amount of lindens using the market rate buy right after(which I was charged for, and which I received). my card info was updated, also. and I know the method I used, it was a MasterCard. i did submit a ticket, and i now understand why their replies were scarce.
  4. charge appeared on my payment method, i immediately cancelled it(no $L recieved), and i still wasn't refunded. it's also not the first time a refund was promised but i couldn't find it, everytime i buy something directly payment method-to-marketplace, and it's less than the designated $2~ it is written i'll be refunded the remainder, but my USD balance has always been what it is now, $0, it never increased... not once.. which now makes me wonder if there's a thing i might've missed or an "activation" one must do to make sure refunds are added to their USD credit; but i tried everything, and honestly it's getting both frustrating and draining.
  5. is there any way I can contact billing via message or text? I have really bad social anxiety, and talking on the phone isn't my forte, and I would very much prefer that.
  6. it was a limit buy, there's no "cancel order" option otherwise, I received neither of the currencies. honestly, at this point, I don't mind if they just send me the market-buy-rate worth of lindens that is equal to the market-buy price I paid... I just want any sort of compensation or closure to this issue, because this is literally my first time ever paying more than like $20 for lindens, and i deeply regret it.
  7. on December 11, I made an order for $87.63, which I immediately cancelled. no refund was received on either of my billing accountS(PayPal/MasterCard) and no money was added to my USD credit(it remains $0) I filed a ticket, that was met with unhelpful replies, and currently sits ignored for its sixth day now. I need someone to help me, whether to guide me to where it could be, or for an LL associate of some kind to talk it through with me... because, with all due respect, it is honestly starting to look a lot like theft to me. thank you very much.
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