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  1. I've been on IMVU for three going on four years. Yeah there are some immature people there, and yeah you can't walk around, but in my personal opinion, it's miles better. You have the argument here that they don't like it as much cause it's catered to younger people. I have that argument in reverse, I have met only a handful of people on SL within five years of 18, I just turned 19. I like talking to people my age, and I like having clothes catered towards youth. IMVU supplies these for me. It's much easier to work, though I don't find SL to be extremely hard once you get used to it. Another big problem I have with SL is time after time I've ran into some old people who want to be young, so they try to act young. Then they attack me because I am young. Because I talk and act like a teenager, and while they try to do so they fall short, and try to start a fight. I've run into people time and time again that get pissed if I walk around in a funny costume or with an avatar that has a distorted body. If someone's having fun and not bothering you I don't really see how it's your business how they dress, or how they act when they are hanging with their friends. Another HUGE thing I don't like on SL is that people don't bother to check my profile, I get dozens of messages when I go to chat rooms of 50, 60 year old men who want to have sex. I ain't about that life, and even worse is they're straight men who fail to check my brother and see though I have a pretty female avatar cause female clothes are nicer, I am a man. I am a gay man, and this always seems to make them blow their top when I reject them and tell them I'm gay. Then I'm shot with accusations of leading them on, being a **bleep**, homosexual slurs, and being called a catfish. At least on IMVU people have the decency to check my chat and see if I'm say in a relationship, or.. A MALE. Yeah Secondlife is nice, I like it sometimes, but when it comes down to it, it's not as good for the younger generation as it is for the older, it's 100% more laggy than IMVU, and it's not a program you can just jump into to have a five minute conversation before you run off to do something. Meanwhile, IMVU is a quick-loading, chat based program that is perfect for this.
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