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  1. In addition to canceling/not renewing the premium subscription, I will stop purchasing items in SL because the Lindenlab's incompetence about the PBR issues. Stopping purchasing items is also a way to protect myself from future texture changes with unknown results. I've read an owner of a famous hair store was complaining that the PBR messed up their work, and she will have to adapt her way to build because that. This might just be the tip of the iceberg. So it's wiser to stop buying objects that can be impacted by PBR until things get right.
  2. More: when SL users here start looking at other metaverses, even if it's just to compare with SL, hmmm... ...It means discontentment ...that's a bad omen
  3. This is the type of elitist judgment that can lead a company to ruin, by "WE" do you mean who ? Lindenlab or your "kind of people "? What I know is SL belongs to a company that needs to make a profit and cannot discard users just because they are stupid. In fact, 99% of people seem stupid to us, "the elite".
  4. Here's a video of some professional gamers showing how a total noob feels when login to SL at first time. The video was posted in 16 july/24, so it's brand new. Please don't dismiss the video because of the silly narration, pay attention in how they see SL at first glance. I'm not judging anything, I'm just showing what I found when I search "SL" in the Youtube.
  5. After the arrival of "BOM", the inventory suffered a huge increase in items, because instead of you having one HUD to apply something to your skin, now you have various types of BOM layers . What was "one" turned into a dozen or more .In "SKINS" folders, it's a good idea to only keep what you actually use, along with the closed box of a fat pack, for example.
  6. Everything I've read here doesn't sound like fun to me, just boring, hard work.You can call me ignorant and lazy but I have many years of experience and I know how to identify when a product is totally NOT ATTRACTIVE ! Lindenlab is rolling the dice in a risky way .
  7. Hey guys, how about you try KOKUA Viewer ? It is very similar to LL PBR viewer but has AO and some other improvements. It even has a version NON RLV ( obviously lighter than the full version ) or with RLV. I hear a lot about others viewers but in some way people forget this very good viewer. It's simple but honest viewer https://kokua.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/KKA/pages/15237201/Downloads
  8. Hi , I'd like to show you guys the appearance of some rings made with PBR textures, in viewers PBR and NON PBR mode. For those people who haven't figured it out yet : PBR objects will appear shiny with no visible textures on non-PBR viewers. So if you girls buy PBR jewelry, it will appear ugly and shiny to people who run non PBR viewers .
  9. What some clever guys don't realize : SL for most people it is just a TOY ( sorry...) . A toy must be pleasant to play , if it's too tricky or doesn't work well or has sharp edges that can hurt our hands , we just send it back to its box, or even throw it away ! LindenLab should know SL is just another disposable product and must treat its users better .
  10. For those who like to place bets, here is a link to a website that shows SL's audience daily : https://e*****up.com/slstatistics/online-now-last-24hrs we can follow along and see what happens
  11. My PC is not as outdated as you suggest, it still runs SL PBR very well in medium configuration . No, I'm not against these updates, I simply think that LL is doing a bad job !!!
  12. And a final reminder : LL is a company and SL is a product , I have a paid premium account and I'm not satisfied with the service : I'm regretful to had renew my contract recently, next time I will downgrade to FREE '
  13. If hardware was the biggest problem, we coud just move some sliders down and unmark some options, so why many people with up-to-date hardware are pissed ? Are they all lazy ? Maybe it's because LL ruined its most recent toy, the EEP...First they implemented the EEP and we were forced to use it, now they come and say : "Oohh..We changed our mind...throw away your EEPs and start all over again doing new ones"...
  14. I want to invite you all to a new type of metaverse, it will be like this: I'm going to provide some crude, poorly finished avatars. I will also give...I mean sell... some land that will have nothing, you will must create everything from scratch. And the sky and water will be a big mess, everyone must configure it as they want. The viewer will also be poorly made and raw, because I'm actually a nice guy, I want to give intelligent people the opportunity to show that they can do something better. And when I want, I'll make some changes, explaining as little as possible, because you are perceptive and smart people. Please see this kind of emptiness as an advantage, because you can create almost everything, and possibly you will become rich, because I will allow you to sell your creations, of course I will charge a "small" fee, but that's irrelevant... How about ? Who wants to participate ? ( pretends that some time passes and an employee arrives with a warning ) Oops, someone came to tell me this type of metaverse already exists...and it's not correct I spam here... damn, I have to cancel the invitation...sorry...
  15. "Everyone complains but ends up getting used to it". In some way it's true, but I feel Lindenlab is implementing these changes in a very crude and poorly finished way. I'm not a technician, but I think if PBR were being implemented correctly, we wouldn't see blinding lights and the water in a ridiculous tone. But if you complain some people will accuse you of being stupid : "Adjust your visual settings, your dumbass, and buy a new PC too, it's your fault ..."
  16. The smart geeks here refuse to see that the gamers community mocks SL, they treat SL like some kind of zombie that still roams the Internet... It's sad to say it but that's what I've seen out there. If LL by some miracle simplified SL as much as possible, it would still be a complicated metaverse. Let's try to be honest and admit it: we are abnormal beings for playing SL.... there is something masochistic about staying on this platform 😝
  17. Do any of you know any NOOB that has a maximum of 6 months in SL ? Or how long has it been since you seen a legitimate noob, one of those who doesn't even know how to use an AO ?
  18. I log in SL to have some fun, not to work, I already have my job in real life . By the way, I guess I will watch some TV now.
  19. "Overengineering can kill your product" I suggest you guys take a look at this interesting article here : https://www.mindtheproduct.com/overengineering-can-kill-your-product/
  20. You can touch my balls whenever you want, just don't let my wife know that 😜
  21. What Lindenlab doesn't seem to understand: for us, SL is not a problematic member of our family that we have to live with by force, or an arm or a leg of our body that cannot be dismembered...hahahaha, this metaverse is just one more to choose, and we can just log out and forget it forever
  22. My experience with EEP : I made some very simple skies and I use them everywhere I go. With PBR I try to deactivate the maximum of features as possible. I hated all these arrogant changes that force us to buy stronger computers. With the PBR it is worse, it puts more strain on the machine and socialization is becoming unfeasible. Users who like simple things like driving and doing some roleplaying in door don't care at all about these "improvements" that LL introduced. If you're the type of guy who goes out to buy a new computer every time Lindelab's mood changes, congratulations, but not me, I'm a normal person who plays just for fun and I have thousands of other leisure options on the Web. As a result of these beautiful news,my gameplay has deteriorated,caused an effect opposite to that desired by LL. It's sad to say, but currently I avoid places with more people and very complex landscapes, I've been playing in a kind of "survival mode". I know if I step outside my box my PC will overheat or crash. And the time I spend online in SL has decreased. I keep logging into SL out of sheer stubbornness, even though my rational side is saying: "go do something else"...This is just my opinion, if you are happy with all these changes tell us here.
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