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  1. Trust me i have gone through all the answers on similar questions and i have tried everything which has been suggested.

    i will explain my problem, as i said when i login i stuck at "connecting to region" (in firestorm viewer) and crash. and in second life viewer i login and avatar wont load up, will remain white cloud, cant move and crash (it says cant load addachments). this continues, after 5 6 attempts i will be able to login and move around normally. And when i teleport somewhere i crash either in two ways i mentioned above.


    I have tried all these:

    1. removing all attachments and stick to default avatar. (still facing same problem with default avatar)

    2. Blocking/disabling firewall completely. (have added sl voice, firestorm and sl viewers to white list of avg firewall)

    3. i have tried logging to new region that temperorily solves the problem (able to login with 1 or 2 attempts), upon teleporting crashes again.

    4. Installed all available updates on windows 8.1 64 bit.

    My laptop configuration:

    1.3 ghz quad core i3, 2 gb amd R9 dedicated graphics, 8 gb ram, 1 tb hard disk, 10 mbps broadband connection.

    Please help.

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