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  1. Posted this looking for guy to roleplay being old fashion protective gentleman who likes to spoil his girl with gifts, romance, and being a shoulder she could lean on. Now, I think I just made this stupid post cause I am having bad time with a break-up and not good with casual relationships. Unfortunately, I can't delete this.
  2. Yay!!! Forums section has turnt out to be very good for me :matte-motes-kiss:
  3. Update. Found nice guy from Forum post titled "Looking for a potential wife."
  4. i'm pratically perfect except I am 38. Like to do a variety of activities which you can see from my picks and photos. Not looking to mix sl and rl unless just friends on facebook. Canadian with bit of Trinidadian accent from time there in childhood. I'm super funny with sl extended family and teenage kids and one little one I don't see. Dad, uncles, and brothers into building cars and racing. Son decorated parcel I rented from my uncle and daughter that lives with me did the decorating for the most part. Just need someone to do the couple dances with so I don't look like a dumbass - hahaha!
  5. My James Bond literally turnt into a spider spending his time walking on walls and ceilings. We're just friends after he said some crap about me needing space to have fun after he was being the clingy one. Really, though who needs Bond when you are a Bond girl! Actually, maybe more like McCarthy in Spy
  6. Found what I was looking for in a fellow capricorn at a yacht club rather than this post or dating agency. Therefore, just do what you love and hopefully you will meet someone like-minded.
  7. Are you an attractive, fashionable man of adventure with a sense of humor and a touch of romance? Not intimidated by a smart and attractive woman? Courteous? I don't think my standards are too high if anything I think people settle for way too little. I'm not asking anyone for anything less than I myself am capable of doing. Just posting this cause ideally such a man would enrich my sl but since there are real people behind these avatars the fantasy has proven hard to find. I do have sl kids and still find time for awesomeness :matte-motes-big-grin:
  8. Sent you a notecard. I'm 38. Love fast cars and my apache helicopter. Looking for fun outside of just family time. Even if I'm not your partner we would be great friends I can tell
  9. I saw Shamrock had nice house for rent so I visited it a few times. Luckily before I could pay got IM from one of the owners that if I had genuine interest in place she will be glad to have me but if not genuine to move on. Therefore, I am keeping my business with Bloom Estates. Who needs a free week when dealing with someone whom has no manners.
  10. Second Life marketplace is the place to find great free or cheap avatars and other items. You can own a small cheap parcel with Lionheart Estates. No premium account needed. You can earn in the game lindens to pay for what you want. Formal jazz club called Sweethearts is looking for hosts and a country club called Longhorn? You can also earn lindens from contests at clubs or search classifieds for stuff like photo contests and jobs. Win stuff by looking for places with Lucky Chairs or Midnight Mania boards like Death Valley Customs where you can win a car Search Second Life Destinations to fi
  11. Real life hurts too but you got to take risks and suffer pains sometimes to get to the good stuff and appreciate it. You try to take the hard stuff and let it strenghten you. Sl is likely no different than rl when it comes to the experiences and relationships you can have but it just has more opportunities to experience them and at a faster rate. It's like simulated lessons you can apply to the real world.
  12. My sl family just seem to attract more family. It usually is based on them getting passionately involved in something and finding others at that venue they click with. Then someone brings up joining the family. I even have an aunt that found her son in another online game and now i am fixing up a skybox for him on my small parcel I hope you get the family you want.
  13. You should visit formal jazz club Sweethearts. I realize there are older folks there and there is a dj that plays great oldies too
  14. I belong to this huge sl family of real couples. I am in a relationship but it is just in game. Both of us are single. The real couples have thought me to put my real life first. Both myself and my guy are honest with each other and if this ever becomes something taken into the real world it would be with realistic expectations. It all depends on maturity. I will say I don't feel you should be in a relationship with someone who is involved with another in real life. Their emotional intimacy should be focused on that person.
  15. You may not need this advice any longer but I will give you my perspective coming from someone single who has been in a few sl relationships and one with someone married that I thought was just a friend but it began to effect real life. There may not be a physical relationship but you are engaged in emotional intimacy with another so it is natural for him to feel what he feels. Before online dating long distance relationships were via telephone or letters. You're in a real relationship with this guy even if some people want to say it is a game. It's not role-playing if you are sharing real fee
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