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  1. Posted this looking for guy to roleplay being old fashion protective gentleman who likes to spoil his girl with gifts, romance, and being a shoulder she could lean on. Now, I think I just made this stupid post cause I am having bad time with a break-up and not good with casual relationships. Unfortunately, I can't delete this.
  2. Well, in real life I am a black multi-ethnic female that most people think is asian. I actually love sl cause only once has anyone cared that I am black. It was a arabic male looking for a white girlfriend and thought my avi looked white. I really think such problems probably due to what sims you are visiting and the intent of the people behind the avatar for being there. The people I meet just care that I am a good person who shares their interests. Honestly, I think most white avatars are so tan that they are darker than some real life colored folks especially me with my lack of sun in Canad
  3. I've been on plenty of fish and I think sometimes the majority of the guys I've met on here are more emotionally involved than those on plenty of fish. There are a lot of sexual pervs on POF. At least here, I think there is a greater chance of getting to know someone than POF if they are being themselves and not playing a role. Whether it is sl or POF, there is always a chance you are falling for a fantasy rather than a reality with anything online. Always be cautious and have realistic expectations.
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