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  1. No, i dont want to cause any drama. I just want a fresh start. To make things right. To be the man she deserves. Not the ones she put up with. Nothing more. Take that for how you will. I care about her. I shouldn't have done what i did. I just want to be given the chance.
  2. Hello, My names is Ryu and im going to be posing this on as many places as i can. To get as much coverage as i can so either she sees it or someone who knows her does and can relay the message. I am directing this post to Sara from Australia. We met on IMVU. I am truly sorry for what happened on IMVU. For everything. I was just scared of loosing you. Its no excuse and I shouldn't have pestered you about your details before you where ready. I am really truly sorry. My friends involved themselves when they souldnt have. I swear to you i didnt send anyone. That was all them. I had nothing to do with it. I swear. And the people i vented to, sense i dont know who was talking, i stopped talking about it all together. They keep asking but i say nothing. I swear. I also want to say im so sorry about the message i sent. It was mean and it was curel. I shouldnt have said those things. I was angry abd felt like hope was being dangled in front of my face and then yanked away so i wasnt in the right mind. But thats no excuse. I still shouldnt have done that. I should have handled it better. I am sorry. I give you my word, i will not ask for the details again. i will wait until you are ready to give thim, if you give them. I also promise that if it doesnt work out, i will never breathe a word of any of it. I swear. I also promise to handle things better. I fist gave my second life to you as a means to maybe have a fresh start. To start over without the IMVU drama. That option still stands if you are willing. I beg for one last chance. To try and make it right, all im asking is for one last chance. Please, just let me know, please
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