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  1. I wanted to create clothes for a nice mesh av i found . checked if i could upload meshes in the main grid . I do have payment info on file and i did the mesh tutorial . then as i was creating the clothes i saw there is a a beta server to test whether the clothes really fit in SL . but if i want to go there . i neither have payment info nor do i have done the tutorial . i now tried to give payment info and do the tutorial twice and i just dont know what to do now anymore.
  2. Hey everyone , i know you guys at Linden Labs probably have your reasons and all , BUT i usally buy my linden with the help of one of these services . I use Paysavecards and dont want to give my bank data online , and now i feel myself forced to jump through hoops to get any lindens on my account , where i earlier could just buy them easy . PLEASE , i dont mind you stopping the programm . . . but then provide the same service as they did please Hoping to be able to use an now useless Paysavecard Solaire
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